Top 5 Environment-Friendly Careers for Nature Lovers

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There’s nothing more satisfying feeling in the world than knowing your actions are making a positive impact. This includes helping people in times of need, contributing to preserve lives of endangered animal species, and bringing peace. True enough, no effort is too big or too small when it comes to making the world a better place. Hence, in order to make more accomplishments, nature advocates acquire an education such as taking up environment courses, to expand their perspective and knowledge in conserving the environment.

If you actively watch or read news on both television and social media, we bet you know that our world is getting more exposed to man-made toxicities, which cause global warming and pandemic that we are experiencing today. Therefore, if your calling is to save mother Earth, then now is the perfect time to make it official. With these distressing news about destruction and chaos, it’s evident that the Earth needs saving. It needs you.

The Perfect Career Paths for Nature Lovers, as Suggested by Get Course’s Environment Courses Experts


According to Conserve Energy Future, the role in Ecotourism involves travelling to natural areas to promote conservation, bringing harmony among communities, and sustaining the well-being of local people. So, if you love discovering people and their culture, this career choice will bring you joy and fulfillment.

To learn the ropes of this role, we recommend you to pursue a Certificate in Ecotourism to gain a clear and specific view of the responsibilities of an ecotourist. 

Green Building Expert

Green building and construction experts are noted for their willingness to change perspectives related to architectural design and functional space planning. As a potential green building expert, you’re likely to work in less privileged countries. There, you will utilise green and sustainable materials to construct homes or establishments to reduce construction waste. Through using eco-friendly and recycled materials, your future role will play a big part in conserving nature with the use of sustainable, non-toxic, yet more durable construction materials.

Finally, these practices also enable people to build homes in a cost-effective approach, which not only aids the environment but serves as a great social requirement, as well. There are many growing initiatives springing everywhere; some offer international travel, so searching for nearby construction courses that provide this could also be a great idea.

Renewable Energy Technician

If you’re anything like us, you are more than excited for the change in societal norms relating to energy consumption. Renewable and clean energies are by far the future, and you can certainly get involved. From accredited biofuel technician courses to solar panel roof installers, you can ensure both a micro and macro effect will enable your deep contribution to sustain energy resources without the heavy environmental cost. These efforts will “normalise” such practices, which drives innovation and further lowers costs. If you love acting at the cutting edge and enjoy math-based, analytical and technical work, this may be a great option for you.

Sustainability Consultants

Sustainability is no longer a luxury, but an essential to become further integrated into a host of practical business applications. For instance, urban planning sustainability consultants helps urban planning outfits manage green spaces, and integrate transport infrastructure in a manner that lessens pollution and other harmful effects.

Helping to manage produced waste, such as noise and pollutants; analyzing and optimizing building energy use, assessing environmental impacts of certain business practices, and even tracking the conservation of wildlife, or the population of certain species (such as in freshwater lakes) with skills gained from wildlife courses are all the tasks you may potentially take care of. The versatility of this role is so fascinating that it’s no surprise just how this employment category is growing quickly.

Forest Conservationist

Despite the horrendous wildfires of 2020, Australia still boasts impressive forestry that deserves to be conserved more than ever. The 125-million hectares of natural forest land requires care and attention to preserve fauna within, and to ensure nature is in balance. The role of a forest conservationist includes the following: removal of harmful weeds, lessening the chance of resumed fires, and implementing educational efforts related to preserving nature. Hence, this job choice can serve as a profound career path should you wish to spend your time working in the most beautiful, natural environments you can find.

Have you decided which environment job to choose? Turn your advocacy into a mission, and upgrade your environment-related knowledge and skills with our top environment courses!