10 High-Paying Careers for Creative People

So people have been telling you that your ideas are mostly out of the box and that you’re a creative person, great. Your right brain functions impeccably and it’s something to be grateful for. On the downside though, because many creative people are considered “jack of all trades,” they spend hours per day wondering which career path to take.

If this sounds like you, we’ve created a list of high-paying careers for creative people that can help you at least trim down your options. Hopefully, one or two careers will tickle your fancy and help you make a decision for your future.

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Alright, let’s itemize the careers one by one.


1. Social Media Specialist

Some people think being a social media specialist only involves posting images on social platforms and responding to private messages. However, the truth is, the job requires more creative juices than practical skills.

As a social media specialist, your task is to brainstorm for the types of content that can increase your social media accounts’ engagement, reach, shares, likes, etc. The goal of this role is to use the channels to increase the sales or market standing of businesses, This is why strategising and innovation are huge factors. Meanwhile, the technical side of this role is the tracking of leads/conversions and traction which you can easily learn by completing a short Social Media Certificate.

Annual Salary: AU$45,140 – AU$85,022

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2. Video Editor

It’s the video editor’s responsibility to carefully watch video footage multiple times, and choose the appropriate videos that match the story line of a movie, television content, commercials, event documentation, etc. When determining which videos to include, they take into consideration the quality of the audio, the video angles, the stability of the shots, and more.

The editor puts together the chosen footage, and animations, matching them to the recorded audio and other visual elements to publish high-quality video content.

3. Jewelry Designer

Precious stones, metals, gems, gold, silver, and crystals are the bread and butter of jewellery designers. They use these to design and create earrings, necklaces, ear cuffs, bracelets, rings, and other types of jewellery and accessories.

Creativity and imagination are not just what the job entails. Being a jewellery designer also requires technical expertise in mounting, model making, stamping, presswork, chasing, stone-setting, electroplating, welding, engraving, and so much more. Don’t worry though, all of the above can be broken down into simple steps if you can find the right jewelry design course.

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4. Content Writer

Aside from strong writing skills, being a content writer demands good research and proofreading skills as well. This position is highly in demand because of content’s dominance in the digital marketing realm.

If you want to apply for this role or make this as a weekend part-time job, make sure you build a strong, original writing portfolio as early as now to show future employers or clients how much of an asset you are. (knowing how to track your works performance in search engines is also something that can be looked at favourably when it comes to applying for roles in this field.

Annual Salary: AU$40,155 – AU$101,904

5. Interior Designer

As highly imaginative individuals, the job description of interior designers includes assessing indoor spaces, preparing interior design plans and electrical layouts, and scouting for furniture and appropriate decor. They work closely with clients, ensuring that everything is prepared based on the purpose of the project and the requirements of the clients.

They also present project timelines, provide estimated costs, place orders for the chosen materials and oversee the installation of design components. Interior designers either work in the corporate setting, work as freelancers or handle their own business. We offer a Certificate in Interior Design that can help you get started if this kind of job is something you are looking for.

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6. Graphic Designer

Being a graphic designer also demands an eye for detail, vision, originality, and creativity. Majority of the day-to-day tasks of a graphic designer involve the creation of images, infographics, product illustrations, and visual marketing collaterals from scratch. They ensure that the images and graphics portray the “message” that the company wants to convey to their audience, considering the colours, images, and other elements they would use.

Aside from Adobe suite skills and a dynamic portfolio, it’s also beneficial to have a bachelor’s degree, a diploma, or a certificate related to graphic design when applying for a role like this in the corporate setting.

Annual Salary: AU$40,031 – AU$73,199

7. Fashion Designer

Aside from having a strong aesthetic taste, fashion designers are also innately experimental which explains why they fearlessly mix and match even the most unusual colours and fabric. Their creativity makes them born trendsetters.

This career is for people who have big and crazy ideas, enjoy accessories, bags, sportswear and everything else in between. Fashion designers ultimately should study a bachelor’s degree to become a well rounded designer, however a Certificate in Fashion Design can be the perfect entry point for anyone looking to get started. These professionals oversee the production of their designs, ensuring they’re intricately finished with all the details and accents.

Annual Salary: AU$40,666 – AU$94,419

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8. Film Director

As their job title says, film directors are responsible for producing high-quality films that people would be thrilled to watch. They’re involved in every step of producing the film, working closely with the entire production team. They have the final say from script writing to casting, to production design, to taping with actors, to working with the cameramen, to editing the film, to dubbing the audio.

Being a film director doesn’t happen overnight. For some, the eggs have been laid already but for most, it requires enough experience in the film industry. However, if you start now even as a production assistant, scriptwriter, or any other related role, anything is possible.

Annual Salary: AU$24,511 – AU$183,215

9. UI/UX Designer

With a job description closely related to graphic designers, UI/UX Designers build navigation components and work on graphic user interface mockups, prototypes and elements such as website tabs, widgets and/or menus. They illustrate their design ideas using sitemaps, storyboards and process flows. UI/UX designers also know how to troubleshoot responsiveness problems.

It’s common for UI/UX Designers to acquire a Diploma of Applied Information Technology or any other IT course because of the role’s technical responsibilities.

Annual Salary: AU$49,884 – AU$112,135

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10. 3D Animator

This career involves the creation of 3D visual frames, special effects, animation, images and/or other motion visual elements using film, computers, video and/or other media and tools for the completion of movies, computer games, videos, commercials, and music.

Having the passion for drawing, possessing good IT skills and having a great interest in art and design can help you fill 3D Animator vacancies easily.

Annual Salary: AU$42,247 – AU$93,277


These are just a few of the many roles suitable for creative people like you. If you’re interested in enhancing your skills in interior design, fashion design, social media marketing, jewellery design, and/or UX/UI design, we offer many courses that can help you take the first step.

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All the best!