Industry Certificate in Singing and Songwriting jose April 3, 2020 March 26, 2020

Join some of Australia’s best artists and managers as we take you through all the basic principles of getting started as a Singer/Songwriter. In this first of its kind Certificate, you will learn extensive, industry-approved songwriting principles to get you writing your first hit song, whilst also being guided on performance, vocals, establishing your own strengths and weaknesses, goal setting, live equipment and loads more. Whether you’re a committed beginner, or you already have some experience in the industry, this course provides a practical, real-world approach to the basic principles you’ll need to succeed in your singing & songwriting. While completing the Industry Certificate in Singing/Songwriting, you’ll be guided through our complete course with nearly 14 hours of expert video, along with our extensive guide on industry success as a singer and songwriter. Enquire about the Industry Certificate in Singing and Songwriting today!