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Qualification: Bird Care Certificate

Duration: This course is 15 weeks in duration but you have up to 12 months to complete the course with self-paced learning.

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By partnering with industry experts, their courses are highly relevant to what’s occurring in the industry right now. Which means that when you graduate from a Learning Online course, you’ll be able to start applying those skills and create an impact in your role from day one.

  1. Scope and Nature of Bird Care
  2. Breeds
  3. Housing Birds
  4. Feed and Nutrition
  5. Health Management
  6. Bird Behaviour and Training
  7. Breeding
  8. Working in the Bird Industry
  9. Classification and Introduction to Bird Watching
  10. The Biology of Birds
  11. Common and Widespread Land Birds
  12. Giant Birds and Long Legged Birds
  13. Seabirds and Waterbirds
  14. Hunters -Birds of Prey, Owls, and Kingfishers
  15. Passeriformes
  16. Other Bird Types
  17. Attracting, Feeding and Keeping Birds

    Get Certified in Bird Care Quickly, Easily, and Affordably

    Passionate about birds and want a career working with them? The Bird Care Certificate has been specially designed by industry experts for anyone wanting to work with all kinds of birds including flightless birds, long-legged birds, sea birds, waterbirds, birds of prey, owls, and kingfishers. Australia’s natural landscape and rich biodiversity have created several opportunities for growth in this field – so why not consider upgrading your career with this certification? It serves as the perfect stepping stone for those wanting to start a long-term career in Bird Care or Ornithology Studies.

    This course will teach you about the biology, habitats, general healthcare, and classifications of these winged animals. Immerse yourself in topics such as the scope and nature of bird care, bird behaviour and training, health management, housing and breeding, feed and nutrition, the biology and different classification of birds, bird watching (over 9,000 species), and an inside look into working in the bird industry in Australia.  Upon completion, you’ll be equipped with relevant industry skills that will set you apart from the rest of the crowd.

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    Want to study this course but can’t afford to pay upfront? No problem! This course comes with a super affordable payment plan option. Simply pay $25 per week towards your course until the course is paid off and stress less. This course also has o get started. a low total course cost so you won’t have to fork out thousands of dollars to upgrade your skills.

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