How To Start a Career In The Dog Training Industry

If you love your canine companions, then a career in dog training could be the perfect fit for you. Of course, the main attraction is getting to be close to four legged friends all day, but there are also lots of other benefits to choosing this career path and deciding to study dog training online. This career path gives you the opportunity to combine a detailed understanding of animal behaviour with all the practical skills needed for instruction.

With the right qualifications, you can easily set up your own business, specializing in a particular area or a breed of dog, so it gives you the flexibility to have a career you love, on your own terms, offering private sessions, group training or giving home visits, and building your career into exactly what you want.

Here’s how you can start a career in the Dog Training Industry:

Animal Behavior


Understanding how and why animals behave as they do is key to being a successful trainer. With a Certificate in Animal Behavior, you will be able to understand the principles and remedy specific behavioral issues in the dogs that you see. You can develop your skills in areas such as training working dogs, or helping animals adjust to changes in the home environment. This certification is the essential foundation for anyone who is hoping to work as a dog trainer.

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Veterinary Assistance

A foundation in animal health is also great grounding for working as a dog trainer, so why not choose a qualification in veterinary assistance to give you the background you need? You’ll get to learn everything to do with canine health, from optimum nutrition to common ailments and how to provide the best care.

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