10 High-Paying Skills You Can Learn Quickly

Illustration of two people in a metaphorical exchange, one holding a large clock and the other a giant gold coin, depicting the concept of trading time for money, a common theme in discussions about high income skills.

When it comes to choosing a side career, there are a few questions that may come out of our mind: What are we going to try? Can we do it while doing our full-time jobs or tending to our business? How is it going to be possible to make the transition? Regardless of how we interrogate ourselves regarding the subject matter, one thing is for certain; we all go through the same struggle to find out which skills we need to learn and improve first. 

Contrary to popular belief, even the smallest jobs require some serious skills, too. First, you must learn certain skills if you want to venture into any of these high-paying roles. And then you can consider taking up online certificate courses in Australia to sharpen them up in no time!

Discover quick-to-learn, high-paying skills through Web-based Courses, offering a flexible and efficient path to career advancement.

1. Business Administration

Becoming a top-grade office administrator can help you earn a lot of money. It’s a high-paying role where you can apply for a reputable employer and earn big. However, the role is not as easy as it seems, especially if you don’t have any business administration experience. To save time going back to college to upskill, we recommend you study online Administration Courses, particularly focusing on business administration. It's one of the top-trusted certificate courses in Australia, which you can study 100% online.

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2. Dog Psychology

There is a high demand for dog trainers right now, and having the right skills for this role is lucrative. Plus, most dog owners are willing to pay to ensure their four-legged best friends are well-trained. The psychology behind dog behavior, a crucial part of Dog Training Courses, can be learned quickly and implemented within no time at all. If you love dogs and are interested in influencing your potential client’s dog behavior, you may start garnering the skills you need by studying for Dog Psychology Courses and Animal Behaviour Courses. These programmes will teach you everything you need to know about dog obedience, training working dogs, and more, providing a comprehensive understanding of broader animal behavior.

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3. Gardening and Landscaping

Landscape gardening is another high-paying role in Australia. In addition, busy homeowners pay large amounts of money to someone who can do the job. Therefore, if you want to give your skills a boost, it will never hurt to learn new skills online, such as through a targeted Gardening Course. With that being said, a Certificate in Landscaping, complemented by horticulture courses, will be your best bet. The time it takes to complete a certificate is approximately 300 hours, so you could have a landscape business up and running in no time. Here, check out other of our Gardening and Landscaping Certificate courses which you might like, too!

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4. Fitness

Having a passion for health and fitness alone will not secure you a role as a fitness instructor or coach. Enrolling in Personal Training Courses is crucial to acquiring a strong certification, helping you get qualified for such roles, and stepping into the rewarding world of Careers in Health and Wellness. There are various certificates available, each detailing different aspects of being a fitness instructor, which can be learned within six months through nutrition courses, including online Fitness Courses. This is a skill that will not only help you earn a good amount of money but will also help you and others achieve each of your fitness goals. Earning skills through Fitness and Nutrition Courses will make you a potential fitness trainer, wellness coach, or nutritionist.

5. Human Resources

Working in human resources can lead to a high-paid role in various business aspects. In this field, you can aspire to become a director or even establish your human resource consultancy firm. However, to evolve into an adept future human resource professional, mastering specific skills is essential. This encompasses people management skills, problem-solving abilities, administrative competencies, and more. Fortunately, with the availability of an Online Management Course and other certificate programs online, you can learn these vital skills efficiently. At Get Course, for example, you can acquire a Certificate in Human Resources with just 6 – 18 hours of commitment, depending on the learning plan you select.

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6. Counselling

Counseling is an important skill to have, especially if you want to work with people and relationships. Earning a good counselling skill will be highly beneficial no matter which field you choose to go to, including areas that may benefit from understanding legal frameworks, such as Legal Administration Course. Besides, every industry needs counseling professionals, and most counselors are self-employed and can fetch high pay without much trouble. However, just like what we have previously mentioned, you also need to hone the required skills before you enter the counseling job. For a fresh and wise start, take a Psychology Counselling Degree to boost your knowledge and trust value for this career.

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7. Accounting

All businesses have a level of finance that they need to take control of, and hiring an accountant is a worthwhile investment. Being able to help a business with its finances can bring you a large income and job satisfaction at the same time. Of course, you can study this skill quickly with Accounting Courses online, one of the Certificate Courses in Australia, depending on the necessary work you will be doing.

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8. Zoology

It is a very specific field that many people like the idea of, but don’t necessarily have the care and attention to detail to make it work. Becoming a Zoologist opens up a whole lot of opportunities in the animal care world, and due to it being so specialised, it also attracts high-paying posts. By earning a Certificate in Zoology from Zoology Courses online, Individuals can quickly learn the basics of zoology online through courses offered by The Learning Group, setting the foundation for a rewarding career in this field.

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9. Cleaning

Cleaning itself isn’t necessarily a high-paying job role, but creating a commercial and domestic cleaning business can double it up. There is a great need for commercial cleaning right now, and you can set up a business that will bring you a great income. Plus it can help provide jobs for the people at the same time. This is another career that can see a large amount of demand regularly, so it should not be quiet or a struggle. Learning how to set up this type of business can be done online and in less time than you could imagine.

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For introverts looking to elevate their career path swiftly, acquiring high-paying skills in fields like IT, graphic design, or content creation can be incredibly rewarding. These areas often allow for independent work and deep concentration, aligning well with an introvert's strengths. Enrolling in Graphic Design Courses can provide the necessary skills and expertise required in this field, enhancing an introvert’s ability to succeed while working independently or as part of a team focused on visual communication. Consider exploring introvert-friendly careers that not only promise financial rewards but also job satisfaction and personal growth. For stay-at-home mums eyeing a fresh start or expanding their knowledge, embarking on a Well-being and Dietary Course online offers a practical avenue. These courses serve as gateways to understanding nutrition and fostering healthy family eating habits, all while fitting learning into a busy schedule.

Have you decided to choose any of these skills to upgrade? Send us an enquiry on our online courses in Australia. We are more than happy to help you land a course that will suit your interests best in the prominent career fields in Australia!