Here's What People Are Saying About Us.

Get Course was who I went through to lift off my career in working with animals, specifically cats. Their website introduced me to a Cat Care and Training course and as soon as I enrolled to the course, I dived right in. It was really simple and easy to get into and I didn’t have any trouble. These guys essentially were the starting point of my studies that will eventually turn into a very fulfilling career, and with it being so easy to enrol, I never once looked back. I am thankful that everything was so smooth running. I now have the opportunity to continue my study through them, with no hesitation. They are brilliant.

- Rach Daley

Get Course has been great! Friendly staff, prompt responses. Everything has been explained clearly, all questions are answered, nothing is ‘too hard’. Really satisfied with support. Keep up the great work!

- Melissa Ross

I really enjoyed & was surprised by how simple and effortless the information then sign up process was. I've completed a few different courses via different course providers & this was probably the quickest & easiest so far. - Christopher Stanimirovitch

I first saw the Get Course on a facebook post. I immediately clicked on it. Get Course is very clear and great with their instructions. Get Course is an amazing place to find what you would like to study. I would highly recommend it. 🙂 - Ebony Molicki

I highly recommend Team Get Course. They were so helpful and assisted me throughout the whole course introduction and enrolment procedure was simple and easy. So happy to be on board, and cannot wait to succeed. - Rebecca Davidson

Using Get Course to get my certificate in Animal Welfare was probably the best decision I’ve made in terms of undergoing a TAFE course. It has helped me out so much by allowing me to complete tasks in my own time. Especially with such a heavy workload from work I’ve gotten recently. - Imogen Burow

I found dealing with Get Course amazing. They kept following up with me till I was ready to go ahead with my course, and then made the process going ahead amazingly simple. I can't wait to get started and keep working with their team 💯 - Cheryl Lee Sutphin

Great support and help from the staff. They answered all the questions that I wanted to know about courses they have on offer. - Dallas Graham

Find the Get Course side a lot easier than TAFE. As I can do it in my own time. Without interfering with my working schedule. - Jason Melide

Very easy and quick to organise. Thank you - Skyee Flyy