Certificate in Medical Reception

Passionate About Healthcare? Start Your Career in Medical Reception

Upgrade your skills and enter the high-demand healthcare industry with the Certificate in Medical Reception. This course prepares you for roles such as medical receptionist, office administrator, or medical practice manager.

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Career Outcomes

  • Medical Receptionist
  • Office Administration
  • Office Assistant
  • Medical Practice Manager

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About The Course

Learn The Skills To Work In A Medical Practice

Passionate about healthcare? Love the idea of working in medical reception and want to upgrade your skills? The Certificate in Medical Reception will teach you the skills to work as a medical receptionist, office administrator, or medical practice manager in the high-demand healthcare industry. Enrolling in one of the medical reception courses is your first step towards a rewarding career in this essential sector.

This industry-recognised course, part of the online courses in Australia, includes detailed modules that provide a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of medical administrative work and office practices in the medical field. These are essential for becoming an efficient medical receptionist. The course covers communication systems and computer applications in medical practice, interpersonal communication, phone skills, writing letters and other documents, health, and safety in the office, the scope and nature of medical terminologies, medical equipment and procedures, pharmacological terminology, respiratory and reproductive systems terminology, musculoskeletal system terminology, and so much more. Enhance your career prospects by enrolling in our receptionist courses online, designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding and skills in all aspects of medical reception and office administration. This comprehensive training is crucial for those pursuing a career in health administration.

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Want to study the Certificate in Medical Reception but can’t afford to pay upfront? No problem! This course, offered by The Learning Group, comes with a super affordable payment plan option. Simply pay as low as $26 per week towards your course until it is paid off and stress less.