How much does a Graphic Designer earn in Australia?

For someone who is creative and loves technology, working as a graphic designer can be a dream job. Taking an idea that someone has, and putting your creative spin on it, to make something bespoke to them, their website, or their brand, is what many graphic designers love to do. It is the chance to be artistic in your everyday role, but have more financial stability than traditional artists, as this day and age, it is all about technology. But what does a graphic designer earn? Are careers in graphic design going to be worth it?

Earning potential

Typically, an entry-level senior graphic designer in Australia can earn an average salary of $55,184 per year. For someone with a little more experience, such as a mid-career senior graphic designer, they could earn an average salary of $62,565 per year. For a more senior and experienced graphic designer, the earning potential is around $68,683 per year.

Interestingly, in Australia, the rate of pay can vary somewhat. For example, graphic designers in the Australian Capital Territory, and those graphic designers in South Australia, will get paid roughly the same rate of pay, at $35 per hour, on average. The rate is lower in different areas of the country. For example, in the Northern Territory it comes to an average of $34 per hour. In Western Australia the rate of pay is even lower, with an average of $30 per hour. So this is something to think about, depending on where you live. It is all about supply and demand, at the end of the day.

Study Graphic Design Online

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