When to Groom Your Dog | Dog Grooming

Image of a woman grooming a border collie on a table. She uses a blue hairdryer, attending to the dog who looks at her attentively against a warm peach background.

Dog grooming is an essential part of owning a dog. If your dog is not Groomed, they can be uncomfortable, smell bad and start to look like they don’t even have an owner…

The big question is, what does dog grooming entail and how often should it be done? Please see below a timeline of dog grooming activities that every dog owner should take into account when it comes to their pooch.

Activity #1: Maintaining Your Dog’s Fur

How Often?: Daily

Brushing dogs that have long hair should be done daily as it gets rid of excess fur and prevents your dog from mating. Matting can cause your dog severe discomfort and can result in needing to cut excessive fur from your dog and depending on the severity of the matting you risk cutting your dog with the clippers in the process. This is why dog grooming is so important!

#2: Cleaning Your Dog’s Teeth

How Often?: Weekly

It may sound odd but it’s a thing and very beneficial for your dog. Using a specially designed toothbrush and toothpaste, clean your dog’s teeth once a week to prevent your dog from developing tooth decay and other horrid diseases. If you’ve never heard of cleaning dogs' teeth before, welcome to the world of Dog Grooming! There is SO much to learn when caring for your dog, a lot of which can be learned here on the internet and in certain Dog Grooming Courses offered by My Learning Online.

#3: Bathing Your Dog

How Often?: Monthly

Bathing your dog at least once a month is essential, the most obvious reason is smell, a smelly pooch can be very unpleasant especially if you have a lap dog. Another reason to bathe your dog at least once a month is to maintain dandruff and clear of any dirt your dog may collect at that time.

Extra Tip: Make sure you do your research on which dog grooming shampoo is right for your dog, The last thing you want is for your dog to have a bad reaction so beware and ask questions!

#4: Clipping Your Dog’s Nails

How Often? Every 2 Months

We all know dogs love to play and sometimes they may not do it intentionally but their claws can sometimes cause us a little grief, especially if you cop a paw to the face. This is why you should include clipping your dog’s nails as a part of your dog grooming routine. To keep your dog's nails under control take to them with a set of dog clippers and be sure to use a nail file for a nice smooth finish.

#5: Give Your Dog a Haircut

How Often? Every 3 months

When your dog is looking rather un-shapely, scruffy or he or she simply just cannot see, grab the scissors clippers and give them a nice do-over. If you are new to dog grooming be very cautious around your dog’s face and skin folds. One nasty nick could turn them off being groomed forever!

How To Know if All of The Dog Grooming Tips Above are OK to Perform at Home:

  1.  Your doggy is willing to cooperate and will sit still.
  2.  You have the right tools and gadgets to do so.
  3.  You feel comfortable enough to use the tools on your dog.

Additionally, understanding the nuances of your dog’s behavior and responses during grooming is crucial, which is why enrolling in dog training courses can be extremely beneficial. These courses teach you about dog behavior, making it easier to manage and predict your dog's reactions, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable grooming experience.

If you don’t exactly fit the above criteria you may be better off taking your dog to the groomer or if you are willing to go the extra mile for your pet, you could invest in your dog grooming knowledge by enroling in a Dog grooming course and dog psychology courses.

If you are serious about caring for your pet, check out our Diploma of Dog Grooming, it’s 100% Online so you can complete it in your own time and it can be studied for $25 a week.