9 Ways to Spend Time Wisely While Waiting For That “Perfect Job”

productive acitvities while waiting for job

Did you lose your job recently, or have you just graduated and are waiting for that dream job to call you up for an interview? Whatever the case may be, you have a lot of time on your hands! You’ll also probably spend most of your time staying indoors. Instead of wasting time binging on all series on Netflix, learning a new skill, or engaging in a new hobby might be the more productive alternative.

But if you feel like you’ve already done everything and have run out of ideas on how to get busy, then we have something to add to your list. At Get Course, we believe that your time is still precious despite being temporarily out of job. Thus, grab this opportunity to add your activities, and this time, make them worth your while.

  • While distractions are still out of the way, seize this chance to do something for your knowledge, skills, and career.
  • People have different ways of using their free time; some of them spend it with their families, tend on their hobbies or fitness, or study certificate courses online.
  • With the extra time on your hands, it’s not yet too late to add these 9 tips to your to-do list. Some of which may sound tedious, but we guarantee a newfound skill and fulfillment when you try any of these.

These are the nine useful life tips to keep you active, and help you earn new skills, knowledge, and hobby:

1. Read a Book

Admit it; at least half of the books on your shelf are yet to be read. Have you never had the time to read, or didn't the right time to read come? Whatever your reason may be, you have the time now. If you don’t have books, there are a lot of online books and articles available on the Internet. Now, if you’re the type who gets bored reading books, you can try comics, Manga, or magazines. Reading is not only fun and educational, but it helps you enhance your grammar and vocabulary skills, too!

2. Learn a New Hobby

You will never realise that you haven’t done it all until you try something new. Contrary to popular belief, hobbies can be taught and you can make a living out of it. For example, if you want to make your passion for singing or songwriting a profession, you can consider getting a course in singing and songwriting.

3. Make a Profit out of Your Beauty Hobby

To beauty and skincare fans, this may be a perfect time to pay attention to self-care. However, don’t you know that you can make a living off your beauty hobby? Yes, and you only need two things to make you a certified professional: Your Internet connection, and a certificate to seal the deal. At Get Course, you can study online beauty-related certificate courses such as Advanced Certificate in Eyelash Extensions and Eyebrow Courses online from the comfort of your own home.

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4. Upgrade Your Career-Related Skills with Certificate Courses

Taking up certificate courses online is a brilliant decision to make during your free time, especially for your career. With plenty of courses to choose from, you can study a certificate course online that will help position yourself higher on your career ladder. A course such as a Certificate in Business Management will equip you with all the essential skills to start your own business while at home. You can reach out to online course experts, such as Get Course, to help you choose the best online certificate courses in Australia.

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5. Upgrade Your IT Skills

Don’t confuse this with learning a new hobby. Some skill sets will come in handy as the world has become more technologically advanced. To 'kill' some time productively, try taking up information technology courses, such as one in Applied Information Technology, to level up your IT skills. Just because it’s lockdown, doesn’t mean you should be left behind in the global tech market. Many online certification courses in Australia offer the perfect means to learn new skills online. So don’t hesitate to make an inquiry and make a valuable upgrade for yourself, while you still have the time.

6. Brush up Your Culinary Skills

Cooking at home is much safer and more economical than spending daily on food deliveries. Plus, cooking at home allows you to learn new recipes and bond with your family. Nonetheless, if you’re not confident with your culinary skills and want to transform your meal preparation techniques, you can watch online tutorials from popular chefs. Most of their videos will teach you how to choose quality produce, stock ingredients for future use, and much more.

7. Organise Your Home

This is the best time to be proactive in general cleaning and put your home in order. Give your home a good cleanup, remove the stuff you don’t need, and give it a nice and new look! Oops, don’t throw all your stuff, though. You can open up a garage sale and earn cash from your old books, cutleries, CDs, and other stuff that you are ready to hand down.

8. Bring out Your Inner Fitness Coach.

Living a sedentary life during lockdown will greatly affect our health and lifestyle. If you choose to be active and stay in shape, you can take up a certification course, such as a Certificate in Fitness or Nutrition Coach. These two courses will not only educate you about proper fitness and nutrition but will also encourage you to make a living out of it.

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9. Savour Your “Me” Time

Lastly, who doesn’t need a time of peace and solitude? We all need an escape, especially when the world is filled with more bad news than good. Plus, it’s healthy to be alone at times; it’s a form of meditation to collect your thoughts, reassess your life, and ease your mind, aligning with the principles central to careers in health and wellness. Give yourself a healthy challenge; take a break from social media and movie streaming platforms to relax and rejuvenate. You can simply meditate through reading a book, doing yoga, or listening to music while lounging in your bed.

Give these tips a try while you still have time. In case you’re convinced to study online courses, do not hesitate to reach Get Course for further information. We are more than happy to help you find a course that suits your passion, regardless of your availability and budget.