Business Class Billionaires: Unexpected Journeys

Illustration of a well-dressed man sitting casually on stacks of money and bags of cash, engaged in a phone conversation, conveying wealth and financial management.

Forbes magazine is the go-to publication for those interested in money, business, and becoming a huge success in any industry. However, they recently identified many members of their "400" list (the wealthiest people in the world) who "said no to college". However, the article went on to detail that many of these billionaires (and yes, most of them are billionaires) did learn a thing or two from college or business courses.

Three of those people are:

  • Steve Jobs - the late Apple founder admitted that it was only because he dropped in on a specific course that he was able to later design specific typefaces and fonts. Though a technical genius in his own right, he was also a brilliant business professional who understood many facets of marketing, packaging, and even aesthetics - all things made possible through business training.
  • David Geffen - Perhaps the biggest name in the world of music, he is a billionaire many times over. He is the name behind such entertainment industry giants as Dream Works SKG too, and has his hands in the many different pots that make up the modern worlds of TV, films, games, and more. He left his training at the University of Texas, and began to build his empire from that point on. Today he is estimated to be worth more than five billion dollars.
  • Michael Bloomberg - Okay, this is one who did go all of the way through business school and proved that it is a key to a successful future. This former New York City mayor and multi-billionaire graduated from Harvard Business School and seemingly never looked back.

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