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Certificate in Agriculture

Develop Your Skills and Knowledge in Agriculture

Unleash your potential in agriculture. Gain valuable skills and opportunities with our Certificate in Agriculture. Learn effective farm management and boost your career in farming.

Illustration of a farmer in overalls and a hat pushing a wheelbarrow filled with pumpkins, with a wooden crate of assorted vegetables nearby, representing tasks in agriculture.
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Completion of this course requires approximately 300 hours of study. You will have 12 months to access the course.
100% online with scheduled tutorials throughout the duration of the course.

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Career Outcomes

  • Farm Management
  • Farmer
  • Farmhand
  • Marketing for Agricultural Businesses

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About The Course

Learn How to Effectively Run An Agricultural Business From Start To Finish with a Certificate in Agriculture

Are you passionate about agriculture, farming, and working outdoors, and aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty? Are you looking for an interesting and unique career in a farming business or simply want to upgrade your skills in agriculture to have more career opportunities? The Certificate in Agriculture, offered through Woods & Co Education, will teach you how to manage a farm the right way.

This course, one of the most thorough Farming Courses available, will teach you about the introduction to agronomic practices, crop husbandry practices, seed and seed management, arable cereal crops, arable broadleaf crops, harvesting, crop management, soils, and soil classification, properties of soils and plant nutrition, land degradation and other soil problems, soil management on farms.

Detailed farm management modules will also teach you about strategic farm planning, including how to prepare and implement a business plan for farms, quality management, business assessment, management strategies, viability analysis, including risk management, production costs, bookkeeping for the farm, and cash flow. Additionally, topics such as human resources and how to recruit and manage staff, leadership, and management on a farm, managing HR, physical and natural resources, and many more are covered. These are all integral parts of our farm management courses, designed to equip you with a comprehensive skill set for managing modern farms effectively.

Study From $25 Per Week

Want to study this course but can't afford to pay upfront? No problem. This course comes with an interest-free payment plan option, which can start as low as $25 per week, depending on your eligibility. Simply pay a weekly amount towards your course until the course is paid off and stress less. 

Exploring the online courses for agriculture education unveils a rich array of courses, from sustainable agriculture diplomas to agricultural science degrees, available on global platforms. These programs often blend interactive elements like virtual labs and live webinars with experts, covering topics from precision farming and hydroponics to agricultural policy. Specializations such as AgriTech, organic farming, and soil science cater to varied interests, ensuring comprehensive training for those aiming to innovate in farm management, research, or sustainability within the agricultural sector, all through the convenience of remote learning.