Online Study Channels In Australia To Help You With Your Study

online study channels

It’s no secret that online video streaming providers like YouTube and Vimeo offer a wealth of beautifully curated content for the masses. YouTube, for instance, has over two billion users across 100 countries.

We all pass the time by looking at all kinds of weird and wonderful videos on those streaming services. But, did you know that they’re proving to be a huge boon to folks that want to learn new skills online?

You’re likely reading this article today because you want to check out the best sources of educational content on YouTube and similar providers. This is a great way to learn how to study at home effectively.

The following online study channels will definitely help you with your learning journey. We highly recommend you also check out some of our online courses to help you get started:


Study With Jess

The first Australian-based online study channel that has proven to be a real hit with thousands of subscribers is Study With Jess. Her YouTube channel helps students navigate the sometimes complex and challenging world of online education.

She offers a plethora of content that helps people stay motivated while they study, be more organised with what they do, and study effectively. Some of her videos even teach students how to stay focused while they study from home, and also how to de-stress.

Her YouTube channel is the perfect accompaniment for anyone about to undertake online certificate courses in Australia.


Science YouTuber Toby Hendy has a channel named ‘Tibees’ that is devoted to physics, mathematics, and astronomy. With over 385,000 subscribers at the time of writing, her videos cover a wide range of topics that those with an interest in science will find interesting.

Of course, she doesn’t just post up tutorial videos for students learning science or mathematics-based certificate courses. Toby also discusses life as a student and gives insight into the type of exam questions you’re likely to encounter.

Are you thinking of forging a career in accounting and want to enrol in a study certificate course online? If so, it’s vital you have a good grasp of mathematics. The Tibees YouTube channel is perfect for picking up some mathematics hints and tips.


Lauren Curtis

If you’re about to study a beauty therapy course, be sure to spend some time looking at the carefully crafted videos by Lauren Curtis. With almost 3.5 million subscribers, she is one of Australia’s most famous vloggers and for good reason.

Lauren’s YouTube videos focus on all things beauty – hair, makeup, and product reviews. What’s really good about Lauren’s channel is there are many tutorial videos that people will find useful alongside beauty certificate courses.

When learning a new skill such as beauty therapy, it makes sense to look at how those skills get applied in everyday, real-world scenarios. What’s more, videos such as the ones on Lauren’s YouTube channel will help you feel more confident about your studies.

At GetCourse, there is a range of beauty therapy-related options that you can enrol. If you’re seeking a study certificate course online, we can direct you to courses that help you learn new skills, further your career, and exercise your creativity.


Freelee The Banana Girl

Last but not least, those of you enrolling in one of our nutrition courses should check out the Freelee The Banana Girl channel on YouTube. The channel is run by Leanne Ratcliffe, a vegan health and fitness advocate.

Aside from promoting healthy eating, Leanne is also an accomplished author. If you’re thinking of signing up for one of our nutrition or natural health courses, you should definitely take a look at the video content over on the Freelee The Banana Girl YouTube channel!

It’s one of those channels that give you a real-world perspective on healthy eating and fitness. Plus, it’ll give you an insight into the kinds of health and fitness topics that are most popular with the general public.

Be sure to check out the plethora of nutrition and natural health courses available via the GetCourse website. You’ll be sure to find a course that will teach you the skills you want to further your career and improve your skillset.