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HLT35021 Certificate III in Dental Assisting

Equip the Skills to Qualify as a Dental Assistant or Dental Receptionist in Australia

Embark on a career in dental health with the HLT35021 Certificate III in Dental Assisting. Perfect for those dedicated to patient care and support.

Colorful illustration showing miniature dental professionals working on a giant tooth. One dentist treats a patient on the tooth, others manage oversized dental tools. Nearby, a large clipboard displays dental records and diagrams, highlighting the theme of dental care.
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Study for a minimum of 15.5 hours per week to complete modules in 18 months.
100% online with 350 hours of work placement, which will be divided into two blocks.

Course Overview

Course Modules

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Career Outcomes

  • Dental Assistant/Nurse 
  • Dental Practice Manager 
  • Dental Receptionist 
  • Dental Sales Representative

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Integrated Care and Management Training (ICMT) | RTO #90197

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Work Placement

You will be required to complete a minimum of 350 hours of work placement in 2 blocks. This may be completed as a block or part-time depending on organisation requirements. 

Work placement block 1 can only be commenced after successful completion of Modules 1 – 4 inclusive. Work placement block 2 can only be commenced after successful completion of Modules 6 – 8 inclusive. You will not be able to achieve competencies until you have completed some of your work placement hours. If you'd like to learn more about the work placement component of this course, please enquire now.

Course Entry Requirements

This course does not require specific formal education qualifications. However, you must be a minimum of 18 years old to enrol. Please note that this course is not open to student visa holders. For personalised assistance and more information, please enquire now.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

The course provider values the diverse skills and expertise you may have gained from various sources. These experiences can be acknowledged through the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process. For a more comprehensive understanding of the RPL procedure or to discuss your RPL options, please enquire now.

About The Course

Nurture Your Passion for Dental Care into a Fulfilling Career Opportunity

Are you passionate about dental health and aspire to play a vital role in this field? Do you envision yourself as a critical player in a dental team, providing essential support to both dentists and patients? Are you eager to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to excel in dental assisting? The nationally recognised HLT35021 Certificate III in Dental Assisting is tailored for individuals like you who are driven to enter the dynamic world of dental health with a strong skill set and a commitment to patient care.

This course has comprehensive course units and work placement opportunities to give you hands-on experience and learning in dental assisting. You'll begin with "Prepare for and Assist with Oral Health Care Procedures," where you'll learn the foundational aspects of dental care and patient support. The "Comply with Infection Prevention and Control Policies and Procedures" unit is integral, ensuring you uphold the highest standards of cleanliness and safety in a dental setting.

In "Assist with Dental Radiography," you'll delve into the intricacies of dental imaging, an essential component of modern dental care. "Assist with Dental Procedures" offers hands-on experience in various dental treatments, preparing you for the diverse tasks of a dental assistant. The "Process Reusable Medical Devices and Equipment" unit equips you with the know-how to manage and maintain critical dental equipment. Additionally, units like "Provide First Aid" and "Participate in Workplace Health and Safety" arm you with essential skills to address emergencies and uphold safety in the workplace, which is crucial for any healthcare professional.

Graduating from this course opens doors to various roles within the dental sector. You could embark on a career as a Dental Assistant, Dental Sterilisation Nurse, or Dental Receptionist—each role integral to the functioning of a dental practice and ensuring top-notch patient care. If you aim to become an integral part of a dental team, providing care and support in a thriving healthcare sector, the HLT35021 Certificate III in Dental Assisting is your first step. Enquire now and take the leap towards a rewarding career in dental health.


“Very good and I have managed to spend two years working as a Support Worker in Brisbane and now a new job as a residential worker with Emerge Aotearoa in New Zealand. Always helpful and happy to answer questions." - Sharon