6 In Demand Human Resource Jobs in Australia

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Every growing company knows how essential and crucial the human resources department is. The HR department is responsible for multiple business aspects such as recruitment, compensation and benefits, training and development, redundancy, employee relations, legal duties, etc.

That said, if you’re someone who’s still undecided on which career path to take, you might want to consider venturing in this field as human resource jobs never go out of trend in Australia and most parts of the globe.

On the other hand, if you’re already planning on studying HR and are on the lookout for potential roles you want to take on, we’ve enumerated some of the most in demand human resource jobs that you can apply for in the future. We’ve indicated their job responsibilities and annual salaries (as per PayScale Australia) for your consideration.

All set to learn the jobs you can pursue? Let’s dive into details.

1. HR Assistant

Unlike other human resource jobs that require prior experience, this entry-level position is open for fresh graduates, diploma holders, and certified human resource specialists.

The ultimate role of an HR Assistant is to support the entire HR team in executing their responsibilities. Professionals in this role are known for being well-rounded. They schedule appointments and administer tests for recruitment purposes, as well as keep attendance sheets, employee records, and information for legal duties, documentation, and payroll purposes. They also so go out of their way to assist the HR manager in whatever way they can.

Annual Salary: AU$39,885 – AU$61,422

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2. Recruiter

Generally, a recruiter’s job is to find candidates that would match the skills and experience required for vacant roles in the company. To fulfil this role, they conduct online researches, produce content for job advertisements, call applicants, conduct initial screening, negotiate the candidate’s expected salary, and everything in between.

However, this role also has “subspecialties” so to speak. For example, some companies look for an “executive recruiter” who’s responsible for filling C-level and executive positions. You can also apply as a “headhunter” in an HR outsourcing firm and provide outsourced recruitment services to various businesses.

Meanwhile, the title of this role varies depending on the organisation’s preference. Aside from “recruiter,” the most frequently used job titles for this career include Recruitment Specialist, Talent Acquisition Specialist, HR Generalist, Recruitment Coordinator, etc.

Annual Salary: AU$43,474 – AU$89,483

3. HR Advisor

This role is responsible for formulating, updating, and/or revising company policies and procedures for the benefit of the organisation and the employees. As highly skeptical and logical individuals, HR Advisors also conduct job evaluations, contribute to the improvement of HR systems, and resolve performance and workforce issues.

To be a Human Resource Advisor, you must have enough knowledge about labor legislation and HR-related laws. Having high problem-solving skills and good communication skills are also required.

In some job postings, this career is advertised as a Human Resource Consultant or a Human Resource Strategist.

Annual Salary: AU$56,399 – AU$89,855

4. HR Training and Development Manager

Also known as Learning and Development Managers, their main responsibility is to design, implement and oversee development programs for the growth and fulfilment of the employees. They also help department heads or managers formulate career paths for top-performing staff.

The main purpose of implementing learning initiatives is to make the employees feel valued and invested. Some of the common programs they develop include workshops, e-courses, seminars, etc. They also help send employees out of the country for cultural exposure.

Annual Salary: AU$59,887 – AU$135,723

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5. Compensation and Benefits Manager

This management role focuses on designing “attractive” and fair compensation packages that can convince job candidates to accept the roles being offered to them. At the same time, they initiate bonus programs that can motivate current employees to stay in the company and perform their best.

Compensation and Benefits Specialists also evaluate the positive and negative effects of previous and current benefits based on the feedback and retention rate of employees. They also keep in mind that the perks and bonuses are compliant to the country’s laws and regulations to avoid legal discrepancies.

Some Compensation and Benefits Managers start as HR Advisors and eventually climbed up the ladder to attain this role.

Annual Salary: AU$135,060 – AU$305,636

6. HR Manager

Almost, if not all, of the roles mentioned above report directly to the HR Manager. As the head of the human resource department, the HR Manager represents the entire team in front of the company executives. They oversee each branch of the department, and conduct reports related to the achievements, progress and/or cases within the HR scope.

HR Managers also have the final say when it comes to compensation, payroll, benefits, and learning and development project proposals. They sign and approve documents, keeping in mind the values and welfare of the company they represent.

Annual Salary: AU$58,041 – AU$134,378

As you’ve noticed human resource professionals play vital roles in companies, and they have multiple skill sets that are definitely worth commending.

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Thanks for reading and Have a wonderful day ahead!

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