Professional Certificate in Event Management

Do you aspire to become a skilled event planner, coordinator, or production expert, creating memorable experiences for clients in all walks of life? If you say yes to these questions, then the Professional Certificate in Event Management is the perfect course to help you turn your dream event planning career or business into reality! Imagine immersing yourself in the world of event planning, from conceptualisation and logistics to marketing and financial management.
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Course Overview

Start Date
Start Anytime
Self-paced. Approximately 500 hours to complete the course, which has five key modules made up of 46 lessons.
Flexible, online, self-paced learning with dedicated mentor support.
Career Outcomes

This course may be of interest to people working or aspiring to work in or as:

  • Caterers
  • Corporate Events
  • Event Planners
  • Event Coordinators
  • Event Production
  • Food Stall Owners
  • Private Events
  • Restaurant Owner or Restaurant Management
  • Sporting Events
Course Modules

Module 1: Event Management

  1. Scope and Nature of Event Management 
  2. Developing the Concept
  3. Physical and Human Resources
  4. Project Logistics
  5. Marketing an Event
  6. Financial Management
  7. Risk Management
  8. Staging the Event
  9. After the Event

This module explores the fundamentals of event planning and management. Learn step-by-step the various stages of executing an event, including concept development, delivering the event on-time and to budget, to creating a marketing and promotional planning. Discover ways to minimise risk, from both a financial point of view as well as crowd control and food hygiene.

Module 2: Food and Beverage Management

  1. Human Food and Nutrition
  2. Cooking
  3. Kitchen and Food Management
  4. Planning A Menu
  5. Alcoholic Beverages
  6. Tea, Coffee and Non-Alcoholic Beverages
  7. Scope and Nature of Catering Services
  8. Personnel Management
  9. Management Of Catering Services

This module develops an excellent and sound foundation for working in a restaurant, catering or other food service enterprise. Learn how to manage commercial kitchen facilities (including safe food storage and preparation) and gain an understanding of alternative cooking processes to ensure you can confidently make appropriate decisions on the best approach. Discover how to plan menus for a variety of events and situations, including catering, restaurants and food stalls, and explore ways to manage catering or restaurant staff and what skills are required for best-in-practice waiting staff.

Module 3: Business Studies

  1. Establishment Procedures
  2. Management Procedures
  3. Communication in Business
  4. Problem-Solving
  5. Staff Management
  6. Productivity
  7. Financial Management
  8. Marketing Techniques

This module is designed to provide you with the essentials of business management so that you can make the most appropriate decisions for a business you own or manage for a successful operation. You will gain a better understanding of a broad variety of business procedures, from communications to production to staff and team management and financial management. Discover the different ways of working for a small business, understand how to minimise risk and learn how to manage staff conflict, so you can set the business up for success.

Module 4:  Virtual and Hybrid Event Management

  1. Scope and Nature of Virtual Events
  2. Creating a Virtual Event
  3. Creating a Hybrid Event
  4. Content Creation
  5. Building Preparation
  6. Marketing
  7. Managing Finances
  8. Technology Requirements
  9. Evaluation
  10. Special Project

This module will equip you with the knowledge to excel in the evolving landscape of event management, focusing on virtual and hybrid formats. It encompasses the scope and nature of virtual events, guiding you through the creation of both virtual and hybrid events, including content creation and building preparation. You will also learn the importance of effective marketing strategies, financial management and the specific technology requirements for these types of events. 

Module 5: Marketing Foundations

  1. Marketing and the Business
  2. Scope of Marketing Understanding Basic Economics (e.g.,  Supply and Demand)
  3. Target Marketing
  4. The Marketing Mix and Managing the Marketing Effort
  5. Product Presentation and Packaging
  6. Promotion Communication skills
  7. Product Pricing and Distribution Pricing
  8. Customer Methods of Assessing Customer Satisfaction
  9. Market Research
  10. Organisations

This module is designed to enhance your understanding of the fundamental aspects of marketing in business. It delves into the broad scope of marketing, encompassing the basics of economics like supply and demand and the intricacies of target marketing. It then further explores the marketing mix, how to manage marketing efforts effectively, and the essentials of product presentation, packaging and promotion. Key aspects such as product pricing, distribution, and customer satisfaction assessment methods are covered, culminating in practical insights into market research and its role within organisations.

Course Fees Include
  • All the required study materials and course notes.
  • One-on-one mentor and a student support advisor available to you five days a week.
  • Upon course completion, you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion and a Statement of Attainment for each module completed.
Student Support

You’ll be fully supported with access to an allocated student support advisor, mentor and course consultants, who are available 5 days per week.


Assessments are an important part of your study journey as they help ensure you stay on track and meet the learning objectives of each lesson before moving on to the next. They also help your student support advisor and mentors identify where any further support may be required so that you get the most out of your course. You will learn via various methods; a combination of reading, undertaking research and watching videos. Assessments might include case studies, quizzes, and written assessments.


Upon completing the course, you will receive a Statement of Attainment for each certificate completed and a Certificate of Completion.

Approval & Recognition

The Learning Group is an approved and recognised member of IARC. The IARC is an International association which recognises quality and excellence in education providers in tertiary education.

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