Diploma of Youth Work CHC50421

Start a fulfilling career in youth assistance with the CHC50421 Diploma of Youth Work Online. This course includes hands-on experience, teaching you to support and engage with young people effectively.
Course Provider
Hader Institute of Education
(RTO 22557)
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Nationally Recognised Australian Qualification

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Study Online + 100 Hours of Work Placement

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Upfront payment or flexible interest-free weekly payment plan from $77 per week. There is no government funding available for this course.

Course Overview

Start Date
Start Anytime
12 months with self-paced learning.
This is a blended course with all modules delivered online + 100 hours of work placement.
Career Outcomes
  • Community Development Manager
  • Youth Program Manager
  • Youth Services Coordinator
  • Youth and Family Services Manager
  • Youth Housing Support Manager
  • Youth Mental Health Manager
  • Juvenile Justice Manager
Course Modules

Core Units

  1. CHCCCS007 Develop and implement service programs
  2. CHCCOM002 Use communication to build relationships
  3. CHCCSM013 Facilitate and review case management (100 hours work placement)
  4. CHCDEV005 Analyse impacts of sociological factors on people in community work and services (100 hours work placement)
  5. CHCDIV001 Work with diverse people
  6. CHCDIV002 Promote Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander cultural safety
  7. CHCGRP002 Plan and conduct group activities
  8. CHCLEG003 Manage legal and ethical compliance
  9. CHCMHS001 Work with people with mental health issues
  10. CHCPRP001 Develop and maintain networks and collaborative partnerships
  11. CHCPRT025 Identify and report children and young people at risk
  12. CHCYTH013 Engage respectfully with young people
  13. CHCYTH014 Work effectively with young people in youth work context
  14. CHCYTH021 Support youth programs
  15. CHCYTH024 Manage service response to young people in crisis
  16. HLTWHS003 Maintain work health and safety

Elective Units

  1. CHCYTH022 Provide services for the needs and circumstances of young people (Group A: Practice Elective)
  2. CHCCCS004 Assess co-existing needs (Group B)
  3. CHCCCS016 Respond to client needs (Group B)
  4. CHCDFV001 Recognise and respond appropriately to domestic and family violence (Group B)
  5. CHCYTH020 Support young people to take collective action (Group B)
Course Fees Include
Work Placement

This course includes 100 hours of work placement.

Course Entry Requirements
  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Have completed education to a level equivalent to an Australian Senior High School Year 12, or has completed an AQF Certificate IV level qualification.
  • Have suitable language, literacy and numeracy skills to read and comprehend learning materials and perform tasks related to recording workplace documents including reading and writing detailed reports, case notes, reports and other documents, interpreting workplace policy and procedure and reporting hazards. Learners are required to pass an online LLN assessment test.
  • Have sound computer skills to navigate simple software to complete the online component of this course and must be able to use intermediate level Word features in order to produce and present word-processed documents/ reports.
  • Have access to a laptop and internet to complete this online course.
  • This course does not accept International Students.
Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

This course is eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). RPL considers the knowledge and skills you have gained through your previous education and work history, attributing this to your enrolled qualification course. This may be through formal or informal training and can result in credits towards your qualification. For more information submit an enquiry to speak with a course advisor.

Learning Support

You will be supported throughout your course and will gain access to administration support, guidance service, and a trainer with extensive experience and expertise in the course content and industry sector.

Make a difference in your community and enjoy a rewarding career

Pursue a Future in Youth Work with the CHC50421 Diploma of Youth Work.

Dream of a fulfilling career that truly makes a difference? Dive into the CHC50421 Diploma of Youth Work and position yourself at the forefront of community betterment. With the Australian Government amplifying its investment in this crucial sector, there’s an anticipated three-fold surge in demand for skilled professionals over the next 10 years.

Key Highlights:

• CHC50421 Diploma of Youth Work: Your path to transforming lives.

• Australian Government’s growing focus on youth work.

• Projected a 300% increase in the demand for youth work professionals in the next decade.

Seize this unparalleled opportunity and be the change agent in your community. Your journey towards a rewarding youth work career starts here.

Who is this online course for?

This CHC50421 Diploma of Youth Work mirrors the pivotal role of individuals tasked with shaping and overseeing programs and services catered to young people. These programs, channelled through various agencies, are meticulously crafted to resonate with the social, behavioural, health, welfare, developmental, and protection facets of young lives. While these roles are predominantly anchored in community, governmental, and welfare agencies, their impact reverberates across the entire youth community.

At the heart of a youth worker’s mission lies the commitment to engage directly with children and young adults. Their role is to fortify these young minds, nurturing their skills, fostering positive social interactions, and guiding them towards decisions that harmonise with their best interests. Central to this vocation is the possession of sterling interpersonal abilities, a judicious non-prejudicial outlook, acute sensitivity, adaptability, and the fortitude to remain composed during tense moments.

The CHC50421 Diploma of Youth Work accentuates the significance of proficient case management, coupled with the art of crafting enriching programs and activities. Given the intense and often challenging nature of the role, we believe learners should bring a reservoir of emotional resilience and maturity to the table.

What you will learn?

This course will empower you with the knowledge to pinpoint young individuals at potential risk and equip you with strategies to navigate legal and ethical dilemmas. Furthermore, the CHC50421 Diploma of Youth Work introduces foundational counselling techniques and insights to support those grappling with mental health challenges.

Embrace the profound journey of understanding and guiding the youth, and emerge as a skilled advocate for their well-being.

Flexible and supportive learning

Experience a Comprehensive Blended Learning Journey

Hader Institute's training employs a hybrid delivery approach, merging the best of both worlds:

• Live Online Classroom Sessions: Engage with our trainers in real-time, interactive sessions.

• Structured Self-guided Study: Progress at your own pace with our digital resources.

• Skills Development & Practice Sessions: Hone your expertise with hands-on exercises.

• Work Placement: Get real-world exposure with a 10-week placement, dedicating 20 hours weekly.

• Personalised Progress Mentoring: Benefit from individualised mentoring sessions, tailored to your unique learning needs.

• The entire CHC50421 Diploma of Youth Work spans 78 weeks (18 months), structured as.

• 62 weeks of dedicated class training and evaluations.

• A 6-week breather comprising a 4-week year-end hiatus and a 2-week mid-year recess.

• 10 weeks dedicated to practical work experience

Who is responsible for your training?

Hader Institute of Education is responsible under the National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011 for the quality of the training and assessment being delivered in this CHC50421 Diploma of Youth Work and for the issuance of all Australian Qualification Framework certificates.

*The contents are accurate at the time of writing. Get in touch with the course provider for the latest information.

About the Course Provider

Hader Institute of Education

At Hader Institute of Education (RTO 45162), they recognise that education is the pathway to opportunity. As the leading online education and training provider to individuals wanting to pursue a career in Mental Health, Alcohol and other Drugs, and Counselling, they take this responsibility seriously. Mental and substance use disorder doesn’t just affect the individual, but also the wider community. As an institution that cares deeply about their fellow humans, Hader Institute of Education shows up in the education sector wholeheartedly, with a desire to create positive and lasting change. Their institution is relatively new. They knew that starting an organization at this time came with a responsibility to look beyond "business-as-usual." That’s why Hader Institute of Education is using their business to create the kind of positive change that society truly needs. This goes directly to who they are at Hader Institute of Education and why they exist - they believe in a future where everyone feels included, connected, valued, and belongs. This belief inspires their mission…through learning, community, and support, Hader Institute of Education is here to empower people to help each other on their paths to discovery and transformation. By focusing their efforts on supporting good mental health and wellbeing – through their people, learners, their industry, and the wider community – they help each other on their paths to self-discovery; together building a connected and inclusive future where they all belong. Right now, we live in times of crisis, uncertainty, and for many, self-doubt. But these times are also filled with great opportunities; to rise to the challenges we face and to demonstrate what human endeavor can achieve, especially when we work together. This is the kind of stuff that dreams are made of. When Hader Institute of Education helps people take control of their lives, they open the door to self-belief. The magic happens here. It’s where the impossible becomes possible and where people connect to the power of their dreams. If ever there was a need for people to dream of a better, more connected, and inclusive future, now is that time. If this connects with you, then come and join Hader Institute of Education's community of fellow dreamers. ‍ Together, let’s make a difference, today.
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