Certificate in Offender Rehabilitation

The Certificate in Offender Rehabilitation Support is for those interested in criminal psychology and supporting individuals in turning their lives around. Learn about crime psychology, law enforcement, and offender rehabilitation.
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Course Overview

Start Date
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Flexible, online, self-paced learning with dedicated mentor support.
Career Outcomes
  • Welfare Officers
  • Youth Workers
  • Social Workers
  • Security Professions
  • Law Enforcement
  • Crime Prevention
  • Prison Guards
Course Modules

Module 1: Abnormal Behaviour

  • Essentials of Abnormal Behaviour
  • Understanding Mental Disorders
  • Childhood Mental Developmental Disorders
  • Neurocognitive Disorders (NCD)
  • Mood & Anxiety Disorders
  • Drugs, The Brain & Behaviour - The Science of Addiction
  • Eating & Sleep Disorders - Causes, Diagnosis Treatment
  • Psychotic Disorders - From Diagnosis to Treatment
  • Gender Dysphoria & Sexual Dysfunction - The Brain-Body Connection
  • Clinical Guide to the Diagnosis
  • Somatic Symptom Disorder, Factitious & Dissociative Disorders
  • Personality Disorders Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

Module 2: Criminal Psychology

  • Your First Window to Criminal Psychology
  • Theoretical Explanations of Crime
  • Aggression & Crime
  • Understanding Gender & Crime
  • Youth: Victims & Offenders
  • Mental Illnesses & Crime
  • Using Psychology in Policing
  • Courtroom Psychology
  • Understanding Punishments
Course Fees Include
  • All the required study materials and course notes.
  • One-on-one mentor and a student support advisor available to you 5 days a week.
  • Upon course completion, you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion, and a Statement of Attainment for each module completed.

The Certificate in Offender Rehabilitation delivers an introduction into the world of criminal behaviour and abnormal behaviour, to help you better understand why crimes take place, and if and how offenders can be rehabilitated once they commit a crime.

Course Outline

Students will undertake 2 Key Modules, made up of 21 subjects.

Module 1: Abnormal Behaviour (100 hours)

This module delivers an introduction into a range of common psychological disorders, from their aetiology, symptoms, prognosis, to possible treatment options. Whilst the module largely mirrors classifications systems used in the DSM and ICD, the student is also encouraged to consider additional issues, such as the definition of normality and abnormality, and when is an individual’s behaviour within the bounds of what is regarded as “normal” in society and when is it “abnormal”?

It aims to help you better understand common mental health issues so you can recognise and accommodate the behaviours of the people you work with and interact with, so you can relate and communicate with them in a more understanding and positively beneficial manner.

Module 2: Criminal Psychology (100 hours)

This module aims to provide a fascinating insight into the mind of the criminal and what makes someone commit criminal offences. There are many different theories and approaches to understanding the origins of criminal behaviour, from social learning theories, to labelling theory, to individual differences. It is important to understand different theories in order to nurture a broad understanding of how crime is conceptualised. Once this is in place you can better understand the thoughts and behaviours of criminals and people who cross the boundary of what is considered acceptable in society. You will gain an understanding of criminal psychology and how psychology is used in law enforcement and crime prevention.


Assessments are an important part of your study journey as they help ensure you stay on track and meet the learning objectives of each lesson before moving onto the next. They also help your student support advisor and mentors identify where any further support may be required, so that you get the most out of your course. You will learn via various methods; a combination of reading, undertaking research and watching videos. Assessments might include case studies, quizzes, and written assessments.

Approval & Recognition

The Learning Group is an approved and recognised member of IARC. The IARC is an International association which recognises quality and excellence in education providers in tertiary education.

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