Certificate in Equine Breeding and Care

Love horses and want a career in equine care and breeding? Start with the online Certificate in Equine Breeding and Care course. No prior experience required. Learn at your own pace and get the skills to start a career or business working with horses.
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Course Overview

Start Date
Start Anytime
200 hours of study time. You have lifetime access to this course.
Study this course 100% online from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in Australia.
Career Outcomes
  • Horse Breeder
  • Horse Owner
  • Stable Hand / Stud Hand
  • Horse Groomer
  • Equine Vet Assistant
Course Modules
  1. Horse psychology and handling
  2. Buying a horse
  3. Conformation
  4. Grooming
  5. Why breed horses
  6. Mare Anatomy
  7. Stallion Anatomy
  8. Managing the Arrival and Departure of the horse at the stud
  9. Prenatal growth
  10. Care of the Pregnant Mare
  11. General newborn care
Course Fees Include
  • All the required study materials and course notes.
  • A tutor who will service all of your course and career questions and guidance needs.
  • A certificate officially recognising your successful completion of the course.
Why this course?

Horse breeding is an important sector within the equine industry; and a knowledge of breeding horses is of great value to anyone who works with horses; not only breeders.

Horse ownership is flourishing in many countries. 

While owning a horse is a dream for many people, it is a dream that comes with responsibilities. It requires you to know and understand the different aspects of caring for these intelligent animals. 

This course provides important information on horse ownership and care.

The equine industry is bigger than what most people might realise today. It employs large numbers of people and horses found in more industries than you might realise, including: 

  • Racing
  • Recreational Riding
  • Tourism
  • Mounted Police

Learn about horse psychology and handling, evaluate conformation, understand the importance of dietary requirements to the horse, learn about the horses digestive system and the principles of feeding and watering your horse, use correct grooming procedures, develop appropriate management procedures and broaden existing knowledge of commercial opportunities in the horse world. Manage horses kept on pasture and learn relevant pasture management techniques to maintain productivity and prevent “horse sick” pastures.

Is COURSES4ME accredited?

Yes. Their courses are endorsed by the IARC (www.iarcedu.com) and accredited by ICOES (www.icoes.org). ICOES has an independent board of management that ensures that the Foundation operates in accordance with its purpose. It has an Advisory Board consisting of independent professors who developed and implemented the Accreditation Standards. This quality charter is used for the annual review of prospective and existing accredited course providers.

*The contents are accurate at the time of writing. Get in touch with the course provider for the latest information.

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Courses4me is one of Australia’s newest online education providers. They endeavour to provide their students with engaging content to encourage them along their career path. All of their courses are provided 100% online and are created by industry experts. Courses4Me caters to the upskiller, the side hustler, the returning to-work mums and dads, and those who just have a passion for learning. Courses4Me offers versatile online courses across fields like animal welfare, youth work, business, and psychology, designed by industry experts for upskillers, career changers, and lifelong learners, ensuring flexibility and comprehensive support.
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