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Wildlife Conservation And Management Certificate

(Study Method: Online)

Passionate about wildlife conservation? Would you enjoy a career where you contribute to keeping native flora and fauna intact? Take the first step toward an exciting career in wildlife conservation with the Wildlife Conservation And Management Certificate.

Certificate in Carnivore Zoology

(Study Method: Online)

The Certificate in Carnivore Zoology will teach you about the health, behaviour, reproduction, diet and nutrition of apex predators including wolverines, wolves, wild dogs, bears, crocodiles, sharks, big cats and more. You’ll also learn how to safely interact with carnivores in a captive environment, enclosure design and maintenance, occupational health and safety and more.

Certificate in Reptile Zoology

(Study Method: Online)

The Reptile Zoology Certificate will teach you about the biology, habitats, general healthcare, and anatomies of reptiles. It will dwell in animal nutrition through a certification that’s recognised and accredited by the International Approval and Registration Centre (IARC) and the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning (ITOL).

Certificate in Bird Care

(Study Method: Online)

Passionate about birds and want a career working with them? The Bird Care Certificate has been specially designed by industry experts for anyone wanting to work with all kinds of birds including flightless birds, long-legged birds, sea birds, waterbirds, birds of prey, owls, and kingfishers.

Certificate in Zoology

(Study Method: Online)

The Certificate in Zoology will provide you with knowledge about animal healthcare and first aid. Moreover, you’ll deep dive into topics about animal behaviours, veterinary facilities, genetics, nature and scope of zoos, human-animal interactions, the animal captivity environment, and more.

Certificate in Reptile Zoology

(Study Method: Online)

Love snakes, lizards, turtles, amphibians and crocodiles? Ever dreamed of having a successful career working with them in zoos, wildlife rescue, animal hospitals, animal conservation or reptile keeping/breeding? The Reptile Zoology Certificate course has been designed by industry experts for anyone wanting to learn how to care for, work with and manage reptiles in a work environment but also as a licenced reptile owner/breeder.

Certificate in Vet Assistance

(Study Method: Online)

Ever dreamed of working in a veterinary clinic, or in a wildlife sanctuary or animal rescue? The Certificate in Vet Assistance is a comprehensive course designed to fast-track your career working with animals in roles such as veterinary assistant, animal technician, pet industry professional, animal facility assistant, kennel or cattery assistant, and wildlife park or zoo attendant.

Certificate in Reptile Zoology

(Study Method: Online)

If you have ever considered a career working with these fascinating creatures, in hepatology or reptile zoology, but lack the knowledge or know-how on how to get started, the Certificate In Reptile Zoology Course is perfect for you.


Online zoology courses in Australia

Whether you want to learn zoology with an online course to work as a volunteer or part-time employee or need an online zoology course with a certificate that will be the determining advantage in securing a full-time position in the industry, we have the right online zoology course for you at Get Course. Our online zoology lessons cover a wide range of topics, from animal behaviour to animal care and psychology, and will teach you all of the skills you need to make your dream come true.

Study zoology online with Get Course for personalised help and support

Enrolling in an online course in zoology is easier with Get Course. To begin with, you can find all the best zoology courses in Australia in an easy-to-navigate page that makes comparison effortless. And our student advisors are constantly at hand to answer any questions you have in a friendly and professional manner. Whether you want to know more about different course providers, need help deciding which zoology classes online are best for your needs, want to explore financial support or have any other questions, we are here to help you. Simply contact us online today to learn more!


What options do you offer to study zoology online in Australia?

At Get Course, we offer a wide array of online zoology courses in Australia that cover general or specific areas in the industry. You can study zoology online to learn about the discipline as a whole or specialise in particular animal categories depending on your interests. Take a look at all of the listings on this page or refer to this summary below:

  • Certificate in Zoology — If you are interested in studying all living organisms to better understand their environments, ecosystems and behaviours, this is the online zoology course for you. Covering important topics like how they interact with humans, their captivity and adaptation abilities and veterinary first aid, taking this course is the best way to learn industry-specific knowledge perfect for adding to your resume. From becoming a zookeeper to finding a position as an aquarium assistant, this online zoology program is a must for any budding zoologist.
  • Certificate in Animal Welfare & Rehabilitation — Studying an online zoology conservation course will teach you everything you need to know to help injured and mistreated animals, protect their habitats, and facilitate rehabilitation. Covering a wide range of topics, from animal psychology to nutrition, after completing this online zoology course, you can seek employment with animal hospitals, veterinary clinics, animal refuges, pet shops, farms, zoos, pharmaceutical departments and many other institutions.
  • Certificate in Carnivore Zoology — Enroll in this online zoology course if you are specifically interested in working with apex predators such as wolves, wolverines, big cats, bears, sharks, crocodiles and more. By earning a carnivore zoology certification online, you can work with zoos, national parks and wildlife reserves as well as be a licensed captive breeder.
  • Certificate in Reptile Zoology — If you love snakes, turtles, lizards and crocodiles, this is the specific online course in zoology that will cover what you need to know to work with them. A reptile zoology certificate program is recommended not only if you want to work in zoos, animal hospitals, wildlife centres and similar organisations but also if you want to be a licensed reptile owner or breeder, as well as own a reptile shop.
  • Certificate in Bird Care — Have you always found yourself drawn to the beauty of birds and want to work with them every day? From flightless kiwis to albatrosses, parrots and flamingos, learn everything there is to know about birds with this zoology course online. In Australia, this certification will allow you to seek employment as a wildlife researcher or in zoos, parks and shelters. You can also manage an aviary pet shop and become a qualified bird farmer or breeder.
  • Certificate in Vet Assistance — Interested in helping animals in need? Start your career in veterinary sciences by studying for a vet assistant zoology certificate online. Find work as a veterinary assistant, animal technician, animal shelter assistant or in zoos, parks and reserves.

What career outcomes do zoology courses in Australia provide?

While the job outcomes depend on the online zoology course you have chosen to undertake, this is an overall list of the roles you will be able to apply for after you have obtained a zoology certification online with Get Course:

  • Zoo assistant or attendant
  • Aquarium assistant
  • Veterinary assistant or nurse
  • Animal pathology laboratory and hospital employee
  • Wildlife reserve ranger
  • Wildlife officer
  • Pet store owner or professional
  • Pet breeder
  • Animal technician
  • Kennel, cattery and animal shelter assistant
  • Government veterinary services

If you would like more information on the specialised career outlooks of any of our online zoology courses, you will find it on each course’s description page.

Who should study zoology?

If you love animals, are always seeking out opportunities to interact with them and are willing to go above and beyond to help all animals in need, then study zoology online and make a career out of your passion. People who are drawn to zoology are generally investigative and curious. They are also realistic, pragmatic and want to make an impact on the natural and animal world around them. If this sounds like you, complete our zoology courses, online and at your own pace, and find a position in the animal welfare industry as a zoologist.

Why should I study an online zoology course with Get Course?

By choosing to enrol in one of our online courses in zoology, you are starting down a path that will see you working with animals in no time. At Get Course, we understand that you are investing time and money towards an important goal in your life and carefully curate our certificates offering to be only from leading online zoology course providers. Our online zoology courses with certificates and official qualifications will allow you to enter the industry workforce and are the advantage you need to stand out from the competition. Change your life today — enrol in an online zoology course in Australia with Get Course!