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If the desire to become a medical receptionist brought you on this page, it’s good to know that being successful in this career is a product of various efforts. Such initiatives involve learning what the job entails, and equipping yourself with the skills required to perform with excellence. To do such, you may opt to enrol in a medical receptionist course online.

Here at Get Course, we offer high-quality yet affordable medical reception courses that can help you prepare for the role you’re eyeing for. They can also help you get around the administrative and maintenance tasks needed in a medical facility such as a hospital, a physician’s clinic, or even a dental clinic.

Keen to become a medical receptionist in the future? Browse through our online medical reception courses below. Feel free to use the navigation filters to your left to view the courses based on specific qualifications, their industry classification, the course provider, and the study mode, whether it’s online, face-to-face, or a mix of both. We update our course list regularly, so make sure to visit us often to see if there are new offerings.

Study Mode
Dual Certificate IV in Health Administration (HLT47315) + Diploma of Business (Records and Information Management) (BSB50120)

(Study Method: Online)

One of the best qualifications to study is the Dual Cert IV in Health Administration (HLT47315) + Diploma of Business (Records and Information Management) (BSB50120). This course will help you gain the skills to succeed in administrative and leadership roles in healthcare workplaces.

Certificate IV in Health Administration (HLT47315)

(Study Method: Online)

One of the best qualifications to study is Certificate IV in Health Administration (HLT47315). This course will teach you everything you need to know about managing administrative tasks in a medical workplace and give you all the necessary skills you need that will help boost your career into more senior administrative roles.

Certificate in Medical Reception

(Study Method: Online)

Passionate about healthcare? Love the idea of working in medical reception and want to upgrade your skills? The Certificate in Medical Reception will teach you the skills to work as a medical receptionist, office administrator, or medical practice manager in the high-demand healthcare industry.

Diploma of Business (Records and Information Management) (Specialising in Health Administration) (BSB50120)

(Study Method: Online)

Are you a medical staff or medical receptionist looking for a solid way to amplify your current skills and get promoted to the senior medical receptionist or medical administrator role? The Diploma of Business (Records and Information Management) (Specialising in Health Administration) (BSB50120) has got your back!

Double Diploma of Practice Management (HLT57715) + Business (Records and Information Management) (BSB50120)

(Study Method: Online)

Are you a healthcare professional searching for ways to strengthen your resume, upskill in your current career and get promoted to leadership roles in practice management and health information management? The Double Diploma of Practice Management (HLT57715) + Business (Records and Information Management) (BSB50120) will help you make your next career journey a success.

Certificate III in Health Administration (HLT37315)

(Study Method: Online)

Are you passionate about healthcare and want to work in medical administration? The HLT37315 Certificate III in Health Administration will open doors for you to support the medical workers you admire and provide a great service to those in need of medical assistance.

Certificate III in Allied Health Assistance (HLT33015)

(Study Method: Online)

Within the HLT33015 Certificate III in Allied Health Assistance, you will gain the opportunity to work as an Allied Health Assistant in health settings such as hospitals, specialist and general practices, aged care facilities, dentists, and allied health professions. You will have the opportunity to relocate to major cities or regional towns across Australia to work within these settings, where Allied Health Assistants are frequently required to work under Doctors, Social Workers, Diversional Therapists, Physiotherapists, Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists and much more.


Studying to become a medical receptionist online is an affordable and accessible pathway to a new career. Whether you are fresh out of school or have already been working for years, completing an online medical reception course through Get Course will open many doors in one of the fastest-growing industries in Australia.

Get all the support you need when you enrol in a medical reception course online at Get Course

Here at Get Course, we want to help you get into the career you want. That is why we have some of the best online medical reception courses in Australia and provide you with the support you need to achieve a nationally accredited qualification that will set you up to change your life.

If you are not 100% sure that this is the right path for you, you might be more interested in our more general receptionist courses or in a more hands-on career in health administration. Please get in touch with us if you would like any help finding the right course and career path for you — our friendly team will be more than happy to assist.


What options do you offer for online medical reception courses in Australia?

At Get Course, we have a range of online courses in medical reception tailored to suit different career choices. Our catalogue is comprehensive and exhaustive, with in-depth information about every online medical reception course we offer. Choose from various certifications issued by industry-leading course providers including:

  • Certificate III in Health Administration — A nationally recognised qualification that will allow you to work as a medical receptionist or secretary in hospitals, aged care facilities, clinics, dentists and other healthcare settings in Australia. With this course, you will learn the necessary skills to support medical workers in their daily tasks and cover any medical administrative role.
  • Certificate III in Allied Health Assistance — This online course will cover everything you need to know to assist medical professionals in a variety of healthcare settings and award you with a nationally accredited certificate. Develop your administrative skills as well as your clinical knowledge and start working as an Allied Health Assistant in one of the fastest-growing industries in Australia.

What are the benefits of studying medical reception courses online?

When you attend medical reception classes online, you have access to up-to-date material and content that includes the latest industry innovations, instead of relying on book and course programs that were put together years ago. By enrolling online, you can also start at any time, and the duration of your study depends entirely on you. Get Course makes studying to be a medical receptionist online affordable for anyone — thanks to our flexible payment plans. Enrol in any of our online medical reception training courses for as little as $50 a week.

With so many advantages, what are you waiting for? Enrol today and complete a medical reception certificate online to kickstart your new career or upskill and get promoted.

How do I enrol to study medical reception online in Australia?

Get Course makes enrolling in an online medical reception program easy and affordable. Simply browse our course catalogue and choose the right one for you. Click “enrol now” and fill out a form that will be passed on to a course advisor who will be assigned to help you. A designated course advisor will contact you and be able to answer any questions you have, explain the next steps and assist you with the whole enrolment process.

What does a career in medical reception involve?

If you wish to know more about what a medical receptionist actually does, we have put together a summary of the main tasks you will be expected to fulfil:

  • Greet and assist patients as they come through the doors,
  • Collect and maintain patient information and documentation,
  • Ensure sensitive data is kept private and protected,
  • Attend to in-person enquiries, phone calls and emails for your employer,
  • Maintain the reception area tidiness and cleanliness,
  • Assist patients in distress and their families until support arrives,
  • Coordinate the calendars and commitments of the health care professionals you work with,
  • Facilitate staff meetings,
  • Process clinic invoices,
  • Maintain adequate stock and inventory of the medical supplies required at your workplace.

Medical receptionists can work in a variety of fields, and the specificity of your role will vary depending on which industry you are in and other factors related to your employer.

What are the career outcomes after a medical reception course?

Becoming a medical receptionist is the logical job after a medical receptionist course, but it isn’t the only outcome. Other possible pathways include becoming a medical records clerk, a medical administrator, a medical secretary, a ward clerk or an allied health professional in a variety of healthcare sectors. Our online medical reception courses are the ideal stepping stone for anyone interested in a medical desk job or in a medical staff support role.

Is a medical receptionist a good career?

Absolutely, the industry has been steadily growing for many decades and it is forecasted to continue on this path. Completing an online medical reception course with a certificate recognised nationally is a very good investment in your future. It is a rewarding career and one of the top 5 non-physician medical jobs in Australia. There are many reasons why working in administration is a good choice, including the consistent demand for skilled workers, better than average benefits, good pay and getting to do a job that has a positive impact. Obtain a medical reception certification online today and enter the fastest growing industry in Australia for a secure and rewarding role.

Enrol in a Medical Receptionist Course Online to Advance Your Career

We can help turn your desire to work in the medical industry into reality!

Here at Get Course, we offer medical reception courses that will teach you how to assist distressed patients, how to safely keep patient information, how to provide assistance to medical practitioners, and how to memorise medical terms faster.

You’ll also learn how to comply with infection prevention, control policies, and procedures, and so much more.

Got enquiries? Interested in our medical reception courses? Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us by checking out the course pages above, and by filling out the enquiry form. At the same time, you can learn more about Get Course by checking out our Frequently Asked Questions page.