Certificate in Project Management and Leadership Patricia Hisugan September 3, 2019 August 13, 2019

The Certificate in Project Management and Leadership covers interpersonal relationships, communication skills, systematic and lateral thinking, planning & implementing projects. improving critical personnel skills, and so much more. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to deal with conflict, handle deadlines like a pro, and guide your team to success!

Certificate in Business Management

(Study Method : Online)

Certificate in Business Management Patricia Hisugan September 3, 2019 April 30, 2019

The Certificate in Business Management can help you develop the skills necessary in managing a business, or a department in a business. Developed by professionals with decades of experience, it covers a range of topics that will ensure your career in Management has a strong foundation.

Certificate in Human Resources

(Study Method : Online)

Certificate in Human Resources Patricia Hisugan September 3, 2019 February 20, 2019

With the Certificate in Human Resources, you will learn more about the different facets of human resources including recruitment, job search assistance, employee management, learning and development of employees, managing separation/termination, project evaluation and so much more.

Bachelor of Applied Business

(Study Method : Online)

Bachelor of Applied Business Thom Gardner - Content Manager July 3, 2019 September 7, 2018

Discover why people just like you from all over Australia took their first step towards their new business career by studying the Bachelor of Applied Business. You’ll have the option to major in either Business, Management or Marketing while getting a broad foundation of the business skills required to work in a range of roles in the business world.

BSB50618 Diploma of Human Resources Management Patricia Hisugan August 30, 2019 August 30, 2018

With the nationally-recognised BSB50618 Diploma of Human Resources Management, you’ll learn more about legislation and ethical practices in business, industrial relations, recruitment, hiring and interviewing, performance management, workforce planning strategies, compliance systems, work health and safety and more.

Diploma of Human Resources Management (BSB50618) Patricia Hisugan August 30, 2019 August 26, 2018

The Diploma of Human Resources Management (BSB50618) is a nationally-recognised course that will teach you how to analyse human resource requirements for various businesses. You’ll also learn how to develop recruitment and selection processes, and integrate business ethics into your HR strategies.

Diploma of Project Management (BSB51415) Patricia Hisugan August 30, 2019 August 26, 2018

The Diploma of Project Management (BSB51415) is a nationally-recognised course that has been designed in consultation with industry experts. It’s available for you to study 100% online at your own pace and it will equip you with the complete range of skills needed to be a high-performing project manager.

Certificate In Hotel and Restaurant Management Patricia Hisugan August 19, 2019 August 15, 2018

The Certificate in Hotel and Restaurant Management will teach you how to build a team of professional staff to ensure quality delivery of services, how to implement facilities management systems, planning and implementing beneficial sales and marketing strategies, along with understanding the fundamentals of kitchen management for restaurants, how to execute efficient foodservice practices in a restaurant, effectively manage beverage-related aspects of a restaurant, and more.

Event Management Business Pathway

(Study Method : Online)

Event Management Business Pathway Thom Gardner - Content Manager January 7, 2019 May 31, 2017

By studying the event management business pathway course, you will gain the skills you need to thrive in this industry. This course will give you the various skills you will need to stay confident and keep a cool head while pulling together knockout events. The course also has a fast-track start-up program to prepare you for starting your own event management business.

Advanced Certificate in Management and Team Leadership getcoursebest January 7, 2019 March 23, 2017

Whether it is managing a project, your team or a major event, This course is for you! From your first management position to building your own business as wedding planner or event manager. This online course give you the skills to organise events like a product launch party or an elaborate wedding, manage a team or keep a project on track.