Certificate in Landscaping and Garden Design jose April 3, 2020 March 26, 2020

Love garden landscapes and aren’t afraid of getting your hands dirty doing whatever it takes to get the job done? Help to improve the quality of outdoor landscapes here in Australia with the Certificate in Landscaping and Garden Design. This course was developed by senior industry professionals and is the perfect entryway for those wanting to start their own landscaping business, or for anyone starting out or seeking work within the landscape and gardening industry. Learn how to pre-plan your designs, as well as develop an understanding of the important landscaping elements, the types of materials that are needed to create the perfect garden and how to bring it all together to develop the perfect space. Make an Enquiry Today!

Certificate in Horticulture (VHT002)

(Study Method : Online)

Certificate in Horticulture (VHT002) jose March 26, 2020 February 1, 2020

The Certificate in Horticulture has been specially designed to help you upskill to a new level of skills and knowledge with the help of highly qualified tutors and practising professionals. This course is designed to lay a foundation for a long-term career in horticulture by developing your ability to identify a large range of plants, your knowledge of essential horticultural principles and practices, your practical skills in plant propagation, growth and care, and your ability to adapt to changing situations. Become a competent horticulturist and learn the skills you need quickly, easily and affordably.

Certificate in Viticulture (BHT220)

(Study Method : Online)

Certificate in Viticulture (BHT220) jose March 11, 2020 January 31, 2020

Passionate about wine and love visiting vineyards, doing wine tasting and learning about the different types of grapes that make up specific wines? Why not consider studying The Certificate in Viticulture (BHT220) and making a career out of your passion? This course has been specially designed for people looking for a career working for cellar doors, vineyards and wine producers, or even enthusiastic beginners who want to start their own hobby vineyard. You’ll learn about how climate and soils affect grape growing, selecting grape varieties, grape farming, harvesting, and selling. You will also gain knowledge in winemaking, fermentation, its different methods, and so much more.

Certificate in Landscaping

(Study Method : Online)

Certificate in Landscaping getcoursebest March 11, 2020 August 13, 2019

The Certificate in Landscaping will teach you how to design landscapes for various setting such as greenhouses, home gardens, malls, retail stores, restaurants, offices, schools, hospitals, and so much more. You’ll also learn how to set up your own landscaping business.