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Get Course can help you get into counselling courses that are flexible, affordable and nationally recognised. Psychotherapy can be the beginning of an extremely rewarding career if you are a person who is patient and loves to help others. Counselling is a place clients can truly speak about what is happening in their life and a counsellors main motive is to provide an environment that is safe, private and judgment free for their clients.The demand for skilled and qualified counsellors is also on an all time rise. By studying counselling you will learn the multiple theories behind counselling and the best practices to apply them. Develop effective case management, interview and analytical skills through challenging, yet comprehensible and clear units of study. Please see below all counselling courses that are currently on offer with us.

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Certificate in Criminal Psychology

(Study Method: Online)

Build a foundation of knowledge about the criminal mind and behaviour and learn how to effectively assess, counsel, and help individuals on the wrong side of the law with the Certificate in Criminal Psychology.

Counselling Course Bundle

(Study Method: Online)

This 100% online course can be studied online from anywhere in Australia and it will teach you the counselling techniques needed to help people in need including how to work effectively in the community sector, provide behaviour support, work effectively with culturally diverse clients, and more.