Counselling Jobseeker Pathway

(Study Method : Online)

Begin your counselling career with the Counselling Jobseeker Pathway. Upon completion, you will receive a Deakin University Professional Practice Credential in Business Communication and a certificate in counselling.

Certificate in Counselling

(Study Method : Online)

The Certificate in Counselling has been designed for people looking to create a foundation for their counselling careers. In this course, you will learn how to talk to people about their problems and the general process of counselling.

Learn about the development of children and teenagers, their behaviour and the problems they can face. Gain the counselling skills to help them build a brighter future.

To make up the Advanced Certificate You will complete three courses: Certificate in Child Psychology, Adolescent Psychology and Certificate in Counselling. You’ll gain the knowledge and skills to help make a difference for the children in your life, whether as a parent or a professional.

Psychology and counselling is a growing industry and this online courses give you the opportunity to study the human mind, how it works and to offer support and guidance to those who need it. The skills you gain in understanding human behaviour will help in your personal and professional