Animal Care Courses

According to the Australian Governments’ Job Outlook Initiative, it is predicted that the Animal Attendants and Trainers industry is going to experience strong growth over the next 5 years. Right now there are approximately 22,200 workers in the industry and that number is expected to climb to 24,800 by 2022. This means we can expect to see an increase in animal care jobs and demand on the horizon. If you’ve ever wanted to work with animals, now is the perfect time to get started and learn the skills you need for a successful career in this industry. Please see our list of Animal Care Courses below.

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Certificate in Reptile Zoology

(Study Method: Online)

Love snakes, lizards, turtles, amphibians and crocodiles? Ever dreamed of having a successful career working with them in zoos, wildlife rescue, animal hospitals, animal conservation or reptile keeping/breeding? The Reptile Zoology Certificate course has been designed by industry experts for anyone wanting to learn how to care for, work with and manage reptiles in a work environment but also as a licenced reptile owner/breeder.

Certificate in Vet Assistance

(Study Method: Online)

Ever dreamed of working in a veterinary clinic, or in a wildlife sanctuary or animal rescue? The Certificate in Vet Assistance is a comprehensive course designed to fast-track your career working with animals in roles such as veterinary assistant, animal technician, pet industry professional, animal facility assistant, kennel or cattery assistant, and wildlife park or zoo attendant.

Certificate in Cat Care and Training

(Study Method: Online)

This course will teach you basic cat care including nutrition, grooming, claw trimming, travelling with cats, bathing, housebreaking, feline biology, cat breeds, characteristics and the history of various breeds, feline health care and illness including preventive care, desexing, poisoning, wounds and animal CPR, parasites, skin disorders and more.

Certificate in Wildlife Conservation And Management

(Study Method: Online)

Want to learn about wildlife conservation and management, habitat conservation, marine conservation, wildlife ecology, wildlife management law and administration, the recovery of threatened species and more? This course will provide animal lovers like you with the knowledge that will develop your understanding of how to preserve wildlife, protect nature, flora and fauna.

Certificate in Dog Care and Dog Training

(Study Method: Online)

This extensive course will provide you with a solid foundation in understanding a dog’s behaviour and will teach you the different ways to care for dogs, from nutrition and feeding, to exercise, and health care. Learn all about dogs health, breeding, grooming, behavioral development and more. This accredited course also covers basic dog training and dog obedience so you can build stronger relationships with your own dogs and even learn to train other people’s dogs as a professional dog trainer.

Certificate in Animal Care

(Study Method: Online)

Developed by highly-qualified and experienced professionals such as veterinary surgeons, a former wildlife park manager, and university lecturers, this 100% online certificate course is tailored for anyone who works with or wants to work with dogs, cats, birds, fish, rodents, and reptiles and wants to learn how to care for all types of animals and how to manage animal health care and basic veterinary procedures, disease prevention, and animal first aid.

Certificate in Dog and Pet Grooming

(Study Method: Online)

This course will teach all the grooming techniques you need to turn even the most overgrown, neglected, or furry dogs into grooming masterpieces. Learn how to properly take care of and handle all breeds of dogs, how to avoid skin issues and other health issues in dogs, the scope and nature of grooming, caring for the skin and coat, specialised grooming tasks, canine biology, dog behavior and how to groom a large variety of dog breeds and coat types. Detailed business modules will also teach you how to start your own dog grooming business from scratch.

Certificate in Pet Care and Veterinary Assistance

(Study Method: Online)

Learn how to facilitate both emergency and routine care to animals working closely with a Veterinarian. You will gain the skill set and knowledge that will equip you to work within various roles in the field; Performing tasks such as administering medications, feeding animals, monitoring their weight, cage cleaning and nursing animals back to health after procedures.

Certificate in Dog Psychology Behaviour and Training

(Study Method: Online)

Learn everything about medical practice reception responsibilities, customer service skills, writing and preparing documents, using office software, and more.


Jobs & Salaries for Animal Care Professionals

There are currently 16,400 full-time and part-time positions for animal attendants and trainers in Australia. There may be a limited amount of positions in some fields within the industry as this number is expected to have a moderate growth rate to 2018.

Full-time Animal Attendants and Trainers earn around $49,972 per year on average.
Growth in the Animal Care industry has been 51.8% over the last five years while other industries only experienced growth of around 6.5%. There is a disparity between male and female representation in the workforce with only 5% being female and 37.5% being male.

Career Paths

Choose from a wide range of potential careers within the animal care industry. The career path you choose will depend on the animal care course you study.

– Animal Hospital Assistant
– Animal Attendant or Technician
– Horse Trainer
– Dog Handler or Trainer
– Pet Groomer
– Guide Dog Mobility Instructor
– Veterinary Nurse
– Wildlife Hospital Nurse
– Zookeeper

Online Animal Care Courses in Australia

With over 63% of Australian families now owning pets along with the many thousands of animals needing care in the wild and in shelters, the Animal Care industry is experiencing rapid growth. This means that animal care professionals will be in demand as the government expects employment demand in these sectors to increase exponentially over the coming years.

By completing certifications like dog care courses and courses in animal care, you could become a vet or a wildlife nurse. You could also open up other opportunities by studying an Animal care course that could lead to working in a kennel, pet shop, animal hospital or you could even open your own business.

At Get Course, you’ll find a variety of the best courses in animal care and distance learning options in Australia. These courses are offered on a self-paced, full-time or part-time basis catering to all different lifestyles and busy schedules.

For most of the dog care courses online and other courses in animal care, there aren’t any prerequisites or entry requirements. These courses are usually available during business hours. You’ll be all set for your new career as an animal carer, healer, groomer or breeder!