how to write a kick ass resume

How to Write a Kick Ass Resume

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Your resume is one of the most important assets you can have while job hunting. It acts as your introduction and serves as your cheerleader. Your resume is your opportunity to sell yourself and show your potential employers just how wonderful (and qualified) you are. That’s why it’s so important to get it right. 
If you’re applying to what looks …

Best Online Dog Training Courses

Best Online Dog Training Courses

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Are you passionate about your dog? Or are you about to become a very proud owner? If you are either of the above you’ll find this post really interesting because we’ve packed our top 3 best online dog training courses that we have to offer into it and why! Just a little side note, each other the dog training courses …

Crazy Facts about the Brain

8 Crazy Facts About the Brain

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Psychology is a very complex thing. The craziest thing is everything a human being happens within the brain before it happens in reality. The brain is a much more powerful tool than most of us actually realise. Here is 8 crazy facts about the brain you may now have known! Some of them may even blow your mind. Well that’s …

how to apply for an australian student visa

How to Apply For an Australian Student Visa

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If you plan on being an international student in Australia, you will need to understand all of the requirements and processes on how to apply for an Australian Student Visa. In order to become an international student in Australia, there are a few evidentiary and general requirements to meet. These requirements are in relation to the following: Before submitting your …

Working and studying in Australia

Working and Studying in Australia

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Are you thinking about going working and studying in Australia? You can actually work up to 20 hours a week if you’re an international student with a valid student visa while you’re working and studying in Australia. During school break, you can work as many hours as you want. While you are limited to only working 20 hours per week, …

How to speak australian

How To Speak Australian (For International Students)

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Learning the Aussie Lingo or knowing “how to speak Australian” can be quite confusing to most travellers when they arrive here for the first time. Most foreign travellers find the Australian accent very loose and humorous and can’t help but to learn and adopt our slang. Which is exactly why we created this Aussie Lingo Chart for anybody looking to …

How To Figure Out Your Strengths

How To Figure Out Your Strengths

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Arguably the biggest key to success is identifying your strengths and knowing how to use them. Understanding what you’re good at, and the talents you possess, enables you to leverage them, helping set you apart. But figuring out exactly what those unique capabilities are isn’t easy. Unless you’re an Olympic athlete or accomplished pianist, they might not be all that …

Motivational Psychology Explained

Motivational Psychology Explained In 300 Words

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2. Someone else wants you to – externally motivated The Internally motivated category can consist of activities like hobbies, eating, going on holiday or socialising. The externally motivated category can consist of activities like doing the dishes, studying or going to work. The reason for the slightly ambitious language like “basically only two” or “can consist of” is that internal …

online accounting courses

Online Accounting Courses in Australia

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Looking at online accounting courses to change your career? Well why don’t we have a look at what accountants actually do first… Accountants are professionals with accountant qualifications who create and maintain records and documents related to finance. These responsibilities can extend to legal and regulatory compliance, auditing books, handling tax documentation, managing reporting systems and much more. Business cannot …

distance education

Studying via Distance Education in Australia

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It’s no secret that the current innovation in Information Technology has enabled distance education to be more possible than ever. In fact, you can study by distance from the comfort of your home in Australia. As a student, you can complete top online college courses without a hitch. The only thing you’ll need as a student is to find the …