Industry Certificate in Singing and Songwriting

Become a Professional Singer and Songwriter and Get Your Original Compositions Reviewed by Professional Music Producers.

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Course Details

Course Units:

  1. Vocals
  2. Analysing Personal Strengths and Weaknesses
  3. Establishing Your Own Unique Brand and Sound (USP)
  4. Goal Setting and Vision Boards
  5. Performance Setlists (Brand Dependent)
  6. Basic Instrumental Training
  7. Importance of Music Theory
  8. Songwriting
  9. Writing Principles and Use of Language (Lyrics)
  10. Crafting Themes and Ideas
  11. Melody and Chords
  12. Designing and Writing for Yourself, With Others, and For Others
  13. Understanding Standard Industry Practices and Splits
  14. Effective Collaborations that Boost Your Profile
  15. Toplining vs Arrangement vs Production
  16. How to Get Paid from Songwriting and Understanding Publishing
  17. Recording Your Own Material and Presenting Ideas
  18. Recording Equipment and Software
  19. Studio Etiquette
  20. Improvisation
  21. Building Performance Sets for Events
  22. Marketing Yourself Effectively
  23. Crowdfunding
  24. Dealing with Booking Agents, Getting Paid Gigs
  25. Live Equipment: The Basics
  26. Dealing with Clients
  27. Social Media
  28. Accounting and Invoicing
  29. Example of Basic Strategy: What To Do Next?


  • 100% Money Back Guarantee within the first 5 days of enrolment.
  • Get your original music reviewed by a music producer of a professional record label with the potential of being invited to record it.
  • Receive FREE essential books and equipment throughout the course of your training including:
  • Simon Sinek, Start with Why
  • Gordon Spearritt, Essential Music Theory Grade 1 and 2
  • Audio Technica, Cardioid Condenser USB Mic
  • Worlde Panda Midi Portable 25-key USB Keyboard and Drum Pad
  • Tunesmith, Inside the Art of Songwriting by Jimmy Webb
  • Manuscript Book

    The Stage Is Set For The Next Big Star

    Passionate about becoming a professional singer and/or songwriter? Ever dreamed about your own compositions getting professionally arranged and recorded, your own music reaching an audience, or even performing it yourself live? The Industry Certificate in Singing and Songwriting is setting the stage for you to achieve your dreams as a professional musician. This course will help you learn advanced concepts of singing and songwriting, understand the importance of music theory, how to integrate melody and chords, learn professional writing disciplines, how to arrange, produce, and record your own music, know studio etiquettes, and so much more. You will also know how to strengthen your brand’s unique selling points, set your goals, get trained in musical instruments and live equipment, and learn standard industry rules and practices. This course will also make sure you learn how to market yourself effectively as a musician, execute crowdfunding campaigns, deal with booking agents, gigs, and clients, curate a professional setlist, and reach your audience through the power of social media.

    Get in tune with some of Australia’s double-platinum selling artists, ARIA award nominees, touring artists, producers, and managers as they guide you with every step of the way and provide once in a lifetime opportunities to collaborate with other well-known professional artists.

    As the final part of this course, your original music will receive an industry review from a music producer of a professional record label with the potential of being invited to record it.

    Want more? This course offers a 100% money-back guarantee within the first 5 days of enrolment. Experience professional industry-grade mentoring and see if it suits your style. No commitments!

    $25 Per Week Payment Plan

    Want to study this course but can’t afford to pay upfront? No problem! The Industry Certificate in Singing and Songwriting comes with a flexible payment plan option. Simply pay $25 per week towards your course until the course is paid off and stress less. Want more information? Enquire now. 

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