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Certificate in Mental Health


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Learn How To Manage Mental Health and Help People in Need

Passionate about helping people, especially those dealing with mental health issues? Interested in learning how to support the emotional, psychological, and social well-being needs necessary to achieve a better quality of life? The Certificate in Mental Health was created by industry experts to tailor fit those interested while learning how to help people in need. 

This 100% online course contains industry-approved modules designed to educate you about mental health topics such as nature and scope of mental health, mental and physical health disorders, lifestyle and nutrition of children to adolescents, social and environmental concerns, emotional wellbeing in children and adolescents, psychological health concerns, psychiatric problems affecting adults, complex disorders and neurological illnesses, social psychology, and mental illness, mood disorders, emotional wellbeing, and so much more!

After completing this course you could gain employment in the community and care industry in a wide range of roles in disability services, youth work, crisis, and suicide support, child and family services.

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Course 1: Children & Adolescent Mental Health

  1. Nature and Scope of Mental Health
  2. Mental and Physical Health Disorders: Infancy to Adolescents
  3. Lifestyle and Nutrition Children to Adolescents
  4. Social and Environmental Concerns: Children and Adolescents
  5. Emotional Wellbeing in Children and Adolescents
  6. Psychological Health Concerns: Children and Adolescents
  7. Holistic Health and Well-being: Children and Adolescents
  8. An Approach to Mental Well-being and Recovery
  9. Building Resilience for Mental Well-being
  10. Mental Wellbeing Support Services for Children and Adolescents
  11. An insight into understanding mental health (An interview with Matt Green – Mental Health Specialist)

Course 2: Mental Health in Adults

  1. An Introduction to Adult Mental Health
  2. Psychiatric Problems Affecting Adults
  3. Complex Disorders and Neurological Illnesses
  4. Social Psychology and Mental Illness
  5. Mood Disorders and Emotional Wellbeing
  6. Holistic Health and Wellness
  7. Recovery – Focused Care
  8. Learning Resilience in Adulthood
  9. Treatment and Support in Adult Mental Health

Course 3: Celebrity Mentor Series

  1. Celebrity Mentor Series: Jade Hameister – Dealing with Bullies
  2. Celebrity Mentor Series: Jade Hameister – Mental Strength
  3. Celebrity Mentor Series: Jade Hameister – Self Motivating
  4. Celebrity Mentor Series: Wayne Schwass – Introduction to Mental Health (Own Your Story)
  5. Celebrity Mentor Series: Wayne Schwass – Emotional Connection
  6. Celebrity Mentor Series: Wayne Schwass – Holistic Mental Health for Families
  7. Celebrity Mentor Series: Wayne Schwass – Hopes and Fears
  8. Celebrity Mentor Series: Wayne Schwass – Introduction to Child and Adolescent Mental Health
  9. Celebrity Mentor Series: Wayne Schwass – Mental Health Toolbox
  10. Celebrity Mentor Series: Wayne Schwass – Practical Tips on Helping People
  11. Celebrity Mentor Series: Wayne Schwass – Wellbeing Champions
  12. Celebrity Mentor Series: Dr Golly – Mental Health During Pregnancy
  13. Celebrity Mentor Series: Dr Golly – Post Natal Depression
  14. Celebrity Mentor Series: Dr Golly – Seeking Help
  • Social Service Worker and Case Worker
  • Mental Health Outreach Officer
  • Life Coach (grief, rehabilitation, addictions, academic/career)
  • Mental Health Coordinator
  • Family and Marriage Therapist
  • Outreach and Community Support Officer
  • Disabilities Services Officer

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