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Advanced Veterinary Assistant Certificate


This course is 100% self-paced and has no strict assignment deadlines. The course generally takes between 3-6 months to complete depending on how many hours per week you study.


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Learn The Skills to Work With and Care For Animals

Are you a certified animal and pet lover? Do you want a career where you can work around different kinds of animals and ensure their health, welfare and well-being? If you want to work in veterinary facilities, pet stores, animal shelters or rehabilitation centres, the first step is to upgrade your skills and knowledge through studying the Advanced Certificate in Veterinary Assistance.

This 100% online course incorporates quality modules, designed by industry experts to educate you on everything you need to know about basic animal healthcare including animal first aid, common health problems in farms animals and pets, animal behaviours and how to recognise what is normal and what is not to help identify signs of ill health. You’ll also learn about the introduction to wildlife conservation, management, and ecology as well as recovery of threatened species, approaches to the conservation of threatened wildlife, fauna surveys, and marine conservation.

Animal diseases modules will teach you how to understand animal diseases and how it affects the health of pets and other animals. You will also learn how to examine sick animals and understand how diagnostic procedures are applied for determining diseases such as bacterial and fungal diseases as well as identify common animal poisonings.

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Module 1: Pet Care

  1. An Introduction to Pet Care
  2. Provide Basic Care for Domestic Cats
  3. Provide Basic Care for Domestic Dogs
  4. Provide Basic Care for Freshwater Fish
  5. Provide Basic Care for Birds
  6. Provide Basic Care for Reptiles and Amphibians
  7. Provide Basic Care for Rodents and Rabbits
  8. Provide Dog Grooming Service

Module 2: Animal Health Care

  1. Taking Care of your Animals
  2. Common Health Issues in Domestic Pets
  3. Identify and Respond to Animal Behaviour
  4. Basic First Aid for Animals
  5. Routine Health Care for Animals
  6. Rehabilitation of Domestic Animals
  7. Maintain and Monitor Animal Health and Well-being
  8. Common Health Problems in Farm Animals
  9. Working in Veterinary Services
  10. Administration Services for the Veterinary Service
  11. Safety in Veterinary Services
  12. A Day in the Life of A Veterinarian

Module 3: Animal Diseases

  1. Assist in Health Care of Animals
  2. Veterinary Diagnostic Sample Collection
  3. Comply with Infection Control Policies and Procedures in Animal Work
  4. Controlling Bacterial and Fungal Diseases in Animals
  5. Implementing Animal Health Control Programs
  6. Provide Nutritional Advice and Support for Animals
  7. Domestic Animal Toxicology
  8. Inherited Disorders of Dogs, Cats and Horses
  9. Other Conditions and Disorders

Module 4: Animal Welfare

  1. Implementing Animal Health Control Program
  2. Managing Animal Welfare Needs
  3. Complying with Animal Welfare Requirements
  4. Apply Principles of Animal Behaviour
  5. Apply Animal Welfare and Handling Requirements
  6. Rescue Animals and Apply Basic First Aid
  7. Animal Welfare for Wild Animals: Free and Captive
  8. Animal Health Information Resources
  9. Caring for Young Animals
  10. Animal Welfare for Farm Animals

Module 5: Animal Conservation

  1. Introduction to Wildlife Conservation
  2. Recovery of Threatened Species
  3. Habitat Conservation
  4. Approaches to Conservation of Threatened Wildlife
  5. Vegetation (Flora) Surveys
  6. Fauna Surveys
  7. Marine Conservation
  8. Planning for Wildlife
  9. Introduction to Wildlife Management
  10. Introduction to Wildlife Ecology
  • Veterinarian Assistant
  • Animal Attendant
  • Animal Welfare Officer
  • Animal Carer
  • Employment at a Cattery, Kennel, Pet shop or Specialist Pet Service
  • Animal Refuges and Welfare Organisations
  • Pet Shop Employee or Business Owner

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