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Institute: Future Blackboard

In 2018, Future Black Board identified a significant need for a single collaborative educational platform. Today this institution encompasses education ranging from emerging occupation training, technology and innovation, through to cryptocurrency, blockchain and entrepreneurship. From the chaos of the dotcom boom, to the emergence of the giants of e-commerce, a new era of information, currency and innovation is upon us.

Future Blackboard is more connected than ever, technological changes are constant, and the future of individuals, business and information looks very different. They offer comprehensive strategy and education to enable you to understand and harness the new connected future.

  • 38 Video tutorials suitable for beginners.
  • Six quizzes to test your progress after each section. 
  • Interactive activities to test your Emotional Intelligence. 
  • Certificate of completion and attainment on course completion.

Master Emotional Intelligence, Skyrocket Your Chances Of Employment

Want to increase your emotional intelligence and level of self-awareness whilst developing empathy and learning how to deal with stress in the workplace and your personal life?

This Emotional IQ course will teach you how to create self awareness and self management, various ways to relax your mind, along with learning about empathy in both personal and professional situations, how to manage anger, handle rejection and deal with fear, whilst also teaching you about critical thinking and logic, intelligence and memory, intelligence theories, ways to become more creative, and more.

Study for Just $147

Upgrade your self awareness, self confidence and learn how to use your strengths to succeed for just $147 upfront payment.

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