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    This course has flexible and Online study options, so it works around your schedule and lifestyle.

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    Only $25 per week.

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    You are a dog owner, a dog breeder, a dog groomer, a dog trainer, a dog therapist, pet shop assistants and the list goes on!

Course Details

Qualification Name – Certificate in Dog Psychology, Behavior and Training

Start Dates – Rolling starts, which means you start when you want.

Where – Delivery method of this course is 100% online.

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With the Certificate in Dog Psychology, Behavior and Training you will learn how to develop a program for training a new pet dog when it is brought into a household, understand how canine animals think and communicate, control the movement of dogs through training and other methods. Plus learn how to train a dog to perform predetermined actions upon command and how working dogs can be trained to perform tasks. Including sheep dogs, tracking dogs, blind dogs or substance detection dogs.

Plus did you know its super affordable to study a dog psychology and training? You can study this course for just $25 per week, on an interest-free payment plan. Plus this course has a low total course cost so you don’t have to fork out thousands of dollars to upgrade your skills. Want to know more? See the course details below.

What People are Saying About the Certificate in Dog Psychology and Training.

“This is the best formal education course I’ve taken. I am loving the course – it’s easy to manage and the tutors are super helpful. They always get back to me in 1-2 days with any questions I have. What I like about the course is that the information is succinct – it’s not just a bunch of useless information being thrown at you, it sticks to the important things that you really need to know”.
Callum Grady

“I saw it online and found that it benefited me with no actual deadlines as I work full time and the content was very relevant to what I was wanting to learn. I found this course extremely good, assessments were marked promptly and if help was required emails were answered within a day, change nothing!”.
– Sarah Williams

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