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Certificate in Equine Studies


This course is 35 weeks in duration but you have up to 12 months to complete with self-paced learning.


Study this course 100% online from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in Australia.

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Upgrade Your Equestrian Skills and Knowledge Quickly, Easily and Affordably

Love horses? Looking for a career where you can work with them every day or simply want to learn how to look after your own horse better? The 5-in-1 Certificate in Equine Studies has been designed by industry experts to give a solid foundation in equine studies and includes the Introductory Certificate in Horse Care, Certificate in Horse Care, Certificate in Horse Breeding, and Certificate in Equine Behaviour. This comprehensive course will teach you everything you need to know about equines including horse psychology and handling, stabling, exercise and conditioning, breeding, organising horse events, managing a horse enterprise, mare and stallion anatomy, managing the arrival and departure of the horse at the stud, understanding horse behaviour and much more.

Plus, this one of a kind course also allows you to develop skills in handling horses of different ages and breeds, grooming, health and nutrition, plus basic riding and training skills as well as the ability to recognise behaviours and health issues. Once you’ve completed the course, you will have the knowledge and skills needed to work with horses in a variety of equine roles and provide the best care possible to all horses.

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Want to study this course but can’t afford to pay upfront? No problem! This course comes with a super affordable interest-free payment plan option starting from $35 per week. Simply pay a weekly amount towards your course until the course is paid off and stress less. This course also has a low total course cost so you won’t have to fork out thousands of dollars to upgrade your skills.

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Horse Care I Certificate

  • Horse Psychology and
  • Handling
  • Buying a Horse
  • Conformation
  • The Digestive System and Principles of Feeding and Watering
  • The Grass Kept Horse and Pasture Management
  • Industry Applications

Horse Care II Certificate

  • Feeds
  • Stabling
  • Bedding and Mucking Out
  • The Foot and Shoeing
  • Exercise and Conditioning
  • Tack and Tack Fitting
  • Horse Facility Design

Horse Care III Certificate

  • Blankets, Bandages and Boots
  • Maintaining The Health Of Horses
  • Clipping, Trimming and Plaiting
  • Traveling and Care of The Horse Away From Home
  • Organising Managing A Horse Event
  • Managing A Horse Enterprise

Horse Breeding Certificate

  • Why breed horses?
  • Mare Anatomy
  • Stallion Anatomy
  • Managing the Arrival and Departure of the horse at the stud
  • Prenatal Growth
  • Care of the Pregnant Mare
  • General Newborn Care
  • Introduction to Fertility

Equine Behaviour Certificate

  • Introduction: Influences and motivation
  • Genetics and Behaviour
  • Equine Perception and Behaviour
  • Communication and Social Behaviour
  • Sexual and Reproductive Behaviour
  • Learning and Training
  • Behavioural Problems
  • Stablehand/Groom
  • Stable Foreperson
  • Rider/Jockey
  • Equestrian Competition Coach
  • Horse Breeder
  • Horse Educator
  • Equine Businesses Assistant or Owner
  • Pet Shop Assistant or Owner
  • Horse Trainer/Instructor
  • Trail Ride Assistant or Owner
  • Stud Hand

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