Certificate in Equine Care and Behaviour

Upgrade Your Skills For A Career In Australian Horse Racing, Polo, Western, Eventing or Showing

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Certificate in Equine Care and Behaviour


This online course takes approximately 200 hours to complete with self-paced learning.


Study this course 100% online from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in Australia.

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Turn Your Passion for Horses Into A Rewarding Career You Will Love

If you are passionate about horses and are looking for a career working with them as a stable hand, track work rider, stud hand, mare and foal attendant, yearling preparation or performance groom or many of the other roles available in the Australian racing, polo, western, eventing, or showing industries now is the perfect time to upgrade your skills for a variety of roles in the equestrian industry with the Certificate in Equine Care and Behaviour.

This unique course will teach you all about horse behaviour and care and give you a solid foundation for a career working with horses.

Equine behaviour modules will teach you how to understand the influences and motivations behind horse behaviour, the role genetics plays in behaviour, all about equine perception, correct communication and the social behaviour of horses, equine behavioural issues as well as sexual and reproductive behaviour and much more.

Equine care modules will teach you the correct horse grooming process, all about feeding, stabling, bedding and mucking out, the hoof and shoeing, how to train horses, perform horse exercise and conditioning, tack and tack fitting and how to manage horse facility design.

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Want to study this course but can’t afford to pay upfront? No problem! The Certificate in Equine Care and Behaviour comes with an interest-free payment plan option starting from $25 per week.

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  1. Introduction: Influences and Motivation
  2. Genetics and Behaviour
  3. Equine Perception and Behaviour
  4. Communication and Social Behaviour
  5. Sexual and Reproductive Behaviour
  6. Learning and Training
  7. Behavioural Problems
  8. Feeds
  9. Stabling
  10. Bedding and Mucking Out
  11. The Foot and Shoeing
  12. Exercise and Conditioning
  13. Tack and Tack Fitting
  14. Horse Facility Design
  • Horse Groom
  • Horse Trainer
  • Stable Hand
  • Veterinary Assistant
  • Stud Hand
  • Mare and Foaling Assistant
  • Track Work Rider (Racing)
  • Yearling Preparation Groom (Racing)

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