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Course Details

Qualification Name – Associate Degree of Applied Business 

Duration – 2 years full time study or part time equivalent

How It’s Delivered – Online

Intake Dates – Please enquire for specifics

Payment Options –
Eligible students can study this course using HECS-HELP or the course can be paid for in full. For more details please make an enquiry.

Course Provider –
La Trobe University

Year 1
Core Subjects:
BUS1OPX – Office Professional
BUS1STX – Sustainability Practices
BUS1BFX – Business Fundamentals
BUS1AFX – Accounting and Finance Fundamentals
MKT1MDX – Marketing: Stand and Deliver
MGT1OBX – Working With Others

Electives: (You can choose 2)
CSE1ITX – Information Technology Fundamentals
BUS2QCX – Quality Customer Service
BUS2PMX – Project Management
MKT1ADX – Advertising in a Digital Age
MGT1FOX – Foundations of Management
BUS2WDX – Workplace Diversity

Year 2
Core Subjects:
BUS1ABX – Analysing Business Data
BUS2BIX – Business Innovation
LST2BSX – Introduction to Business Law and Ethics
BUS1BUX – Investigating Economic Issues
MGT2IMX – Managing Across Borders

Electives: (You can choose 3)
BUS2WDX – Workplace Diversity
BUS2QCX – Quality Customer Service
BUS2PMX – Project Management
MKT2MRX – Market, Audience and Social Research
MKT2BBX – Digital Branding and Retailing
MKT2CBX – Consumer Behaviour
MGT2HRX – Human Resource Management
MGT2BEX – Business Ethics

For more specific info about each module, please make an enquiry.

About This Course

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This applied business course will equip you with the necessary practical knowledge about how an organization is structured, how business, marketing, finance and accounting come together in a workplace environment and how the commercial world works. After 2 short years of study, you’ll be prepped for a range of career paths and opportunities in the realm of business.

The degree is part of La Trobe University’s nested degrees program which offers you the option to exit a Bachelor course early in order to gain a different qualification. For this case, you’d  enroll in the Bachelor of Applied Business course, and graduate with an Associate Degree of Applied Business after you complete 2 years of full time study.

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The Bachelor of Applied Business is HECS-HELP approved, so if you don’t have the money to pay for the course upfront you can use a HECS-HELP loan from the government to pay for your course and study now, and then only start making repayments back from your tax once you have a job and are earning over $55,874 per year.

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