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  • National Dog Groomers Association.

    Developed by members of the National Dog Groomers Association.

Course Details

Course Name  – Advanced Certificate in Dog Grooming

Key Benifits
– Learn to groom pets and how to provide effective care for your pet.
– Determine the typical daily needs of an animal, both physical and psychological.
– Become a professional and qualified dog groomer.
– Gain the skills to groom your own dog, work at home, as a mobile groomer or in a salon with other qualified groomers.
– Developed by members of the National Dog Groomers Association.

Course Duration  – 200 Hours

How It’s Delivered  – Online

Access Time You will have access to this course for up to 6 months until you complete.

Course Provider – The Career Academy

ANCA1007 – Certificate in Dog and Pet Grooming

ANCG163 – Scope and Nature of Grooming Animals 
ANCG103 – Animal Biology 
ANCG116 – Care of the Coat and Skin 
ANCG136 – Dog Grooming Techniques 
ANCG138 – Grooming other types of Animals 
ANCG155 – Other Grooming Tasks 
ANCG141 – Handling Animals During Grooming 
ANCG165 – Show Grooming 
ANCG139 – Grooming Safety 
ANCG168 – The Business of Grooming

ANCA1001 – Certificate in Dog Care

ANCG149 – Introduction to Dog Care 
ANCG114 – Canine Biology 
ANCG125 – Dog Health – Part 1 
ANCG126 – Dog Health – Part 2 
ANCG131 – Exploring Dog Breeds 
ANCG124 – Dog Breeding 
ANCG123 – Dog Behaviour and Training 
ANCG137 – Grooming Dogs 
ANCG154 – Other Dog Services

About The Advanced Certificate in Dog Grooming

The Advanced Certificate in Dog Grooming combines two qualifications into one; Dog & Pet Grooming and Dog Care.
Get a foot in the door of the fast-growing dog grooming industry or save money by learning to groom your own pet. Developed by members of the National Dog Groomers Association, our accredited online course covers animal handling, health and safety, caring for the skin and coat, preparing for showing and more! We can even show you how to start your own Dog Grooming business.

  • It’s perfect for you if…

    Wish to get your foot in the door of the fast growing dog grooming industry

  • Unlimited Tutor Support...

    Qualified tutors specifically chosen for their experience as Industry Experts.

  • Can Be Studied...

    Online in your own time.

  • Career options include...

    Dog groomer, dog groomer business owner

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What people are saying about the Advanced Certificate in Dog Grooming

“I decided to enrol with The Career Academy because I needed a course I could do from home. A bit more on grooming dogs would have been invaluable as that’s the field I wish to take but in saying that I really enjoyed learning about the other aspects of this course and looking forward to doing more studies through you, I would like more info packs on dog grooming courses please. Still excellent overall.”
– Jenny Sharpe

I’m definitely enjoying this course; I’m working with a dog groomer who is training me at the moment so I’m able to apply what I’m learning in the course directly into my work. I really enjoy having the course as well as the practical aspect, as it feels like I am getting a full training experience.
– Tarsha Adcock

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