Advanced Certificate in Drug and Addiction Support

Learn How To Help And Support People With Complex Drug Addiction Issues

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Advanced Certificate in Drug and Addiction Support


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Start Your Journey To A Career In A Drug And Addiction Support

Be the helping hand to support people that are dealing with complex substance abuse addiction issues, and begin your journey toward a career where you can make an impactful and meaningful difference in the lives of people with drug addictions, their families and the community in a drug and addiction support role. 

Take the first step toward a career in addiction support with the Advanced Certificate in Drug and Addiction Support online course. This course will provide you with a comprehensive, and thorough understanding of how substance abuse affects people’s behaviour and best practices in supporting the addict. During this course you will learn an abundance of knowledge, from the scope and nature of drugs; legal and illegal, effects of drugs on the individual and society, learn why people use drugs,  how drugs work in the brain and central nervous system, the physiological and psychological effects of drugs, you will also learn about legally restricted drugs: stimulants and narcotics, treatment and preventative education, rational behavioural therapy, behavioural and psychosocial treatments for drug addiction, treatments for heroin addiction, behavioural therapies for heroin addiction, detoxification, strategies in solution-focused counselling, engaging the client, constructing pathways for change, plus much more!

Ready to change lives for the better? Get started toward your career in drug and addiction support today. Enquire now to secure your position in this course.

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  1. Introduction – Scope and nature of drugs; legal and illegal
  2. Effects of drugs on the individual and society
  3. Legally restricted drugs: Stimulants and narcotics
  4. Legally restricted drugs: Hallucinogens and marijuana
  5. Legal drugs: Alcohol
  6. Prescription and over-the-counter drugs
  7. Sedatives and anti-anxiety drugs
  8. Prescription drugs for schizophrenia and affective disorders
  9. Treatment and preventative education
  10. Psychoanalytic psychotherapy l – Freud, Erikson, Jung
  11. Psychoanalytic psychotherapy ll – Adler
  12. Humanistic/Existential approaches I – Gestalt Therapy; Fritz Perls
  13. Rational behavioural therapy – Albert Ellis
  14. Cognitive behavioural therapy – Aaron Beck
  15. Behavioural therapy
  16. Solution-focused counselling
  • Counselling
  • Psychotherapy
  • Psychology
  • Health professions
  • Caring roles
  • Teaching
  • Research

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