How To Get Into Management The Right Way

How To Get Into Management The Right Way

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Management is one of the careers which is hard get into without business education. Unless you spend years working your way up, the chance of getting hired is minimal. This is caused by the variety of requirements and skills that every person in a managerial position needs to possess. Because, as a manager, you would no longer be responsible just for …

Things to Know before Working For Yourself

5 Things to Know before Working For Yourself

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Many people ask themselves this question – unfortunately, only a small percentage of them actually achieve great success and establish companies that survive for more than three years. Of course, survival alone is not enough – the business should earn a profit high enough to provide its owner with a comfortable level of life. While the statistics are devastating, there …

7 Ways to Know If You’re Secretly an Entrepreneur

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Have you ever wondered how the most successful Entrepreneurs got to where they are today? Do they all have something in common? What are the underlying traits and motivations that they possess? Do you have those same characteristics? What is an Entrepreneur? There seems to be some stigma surrounding the word ENTREPRENEUR like its some kind of underhanded business model …

Top Seven Hidden Australian Growth Industries

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With recent announcements of losses in Australian heavy industries, you might worry about steady employment. There are a few things to consider, and which will bring some alleviation to any doubts that you might have. The first is that Australia has five very strong growth industries that will each experience at least three to four percent growth annually in the …

7 Ways Management is Like Soccer

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Management is not an easy skill not job to have. In order to be a great manager that people truly respect and look up too, it could take years of experience. However, we are here to give you seven simple tips that can start transforming you into a world-class manager. Think ‘Team’ Before we begin our list, we think it …