What Personality Types Create Successful Business Careers?

This effort to develop self-awareness and by extension achieve greater self-understanding and development is a very common human trait. As such, there are a plethora of tests and quizzes in the world to help us understand how certain personality types are better suited for certain kinds of jobs in life.

For example, the more social you are are, the more likely you’ll end up working in “helping” professions where attributes like patience, empathy, and kindness make a difference. And because people like you are team players, they can often be found filling the role of  school guidance counselors, nurses, physical therapists, social workers and psychologists.

The same line of thinking applies to people in the world of business.

Leadership; self-motivation; effective communication; networking skills. These are all great qualities often associated with those in business, but in what field of expertise are they usually found? What personality types are best suited to business?

Here are four personality types that are best suited for business.

“Type-A” Hands-On

Often called the Alpha Dog because of their aggressive nature, these business people know exactly how to reach their goals and are known for being straightforward, even brazen, when handling employees and business partners. Their drive and worth ethic usually means they have a high level of energy which keeps them in the office much longer than your average employee. Objective-driven, confident and ambitious, these folks keep the revenue streams in the black and are likely to make partner by 30.

Strong and Independent

Entrepreneurs are often altruists at heart. Hoping to find the bigger picture, entrepreneurs understand both the highs and lows of creating projects and running a business. Resilient and flexible, their means to happiness and success is usually motivated by a reward of personal time, cultural experiences or opportunities to ‘pay it forward’. They are socially engaging, often transparent, thrive in sincerity and want to make a difference in the world.

Dynamic (aka. The Natural)

The natural is looking to find their niche in the business world by being a dabbler in everything. Their expressive personalities often lead them to be great salespeople—and not just in the door-to-door sense. High-energy likes the “Type A,” these people are as adept at searching for personal challenges as they are in inspiring others to accomplish goals. These balanced introverts/extroverts are great business professionals because they are quick to turn established business relationships into fun rounds at the golf course.

The Analytical Mind

Unlike the entrepreneur or the natural, the analytical business person is more focused on what the numbers tell them. Much like Mr. Spock, these people take the emotion out of decisions and rely solely on what calculated numbers and data say about the situation. Often described as reserved, careful, and efficient, take heed that they’re not bland. Though they do tend to be more driven by intellectual and scientific results, they’re not going to make a lot of mistakes because they won’t accept an answer that isn’t backed up with rational data.
It doesn’t matter which category you fit into, because the business world has a place for each one. If you’re unsure which category you fit into, ask yourself a few questions. What are your levels of risk-taking? What is it you value most in business? Are rewards and recognition important to you? What do you hope to accomplish?
You may find out that you’re one of the above categories, but you might also find that you’re in the wrong field.