New Virtual Reality Classroom Experience Comes to Australia

Ready for a virtual reality classroom experience that you can’t get anywhere else in Australia?

That’s right, for the first time ever virtual reality is being integrated with the convenience of studying online.

For a lot of people, online learning is extremely doable and for others, it can seem extremely challenging. At the end of the day, it comes down to the individual but where it can get complicated is when online learning is the only means for someone to further their education or advance their career.


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For example, some people have crazy busy schedules that revolve around family, kids and jobs, therefore, does not allow much flexibility in their schedule. This means the little time that they actually do have to study is quite limited and will more often than not, an institution’s class times won’t align with the hours they are available.

Because of this, studying an online course that can still get them qualified is far more practical because it allows for flexible deadlines and they can complete it in their own time on their own terms.

The big problem is online learning doesn’t work for everyone. It’s common for people who engage in online learning to be really enthusiastic when they start their online course and gradually lose motivation due to being under-stimulated and feeling isolated.

This poses an even bigger issue for those who struggle with online learning, have an insanely busy schedule and still want to further their education because the only option they have is one they cannot utilise.

Until now…

Get Course’s mission is to align students who want to further their education with a course that can help them get there. This is why we’re outrageously excited to announce the launch of the virtual reality classroom experience in Australia and we are now offering courses that utilise the technology.

The idea behind a virtual reality classroom is to bridge the gap between the isolated feeling of working alone and online with an on-campus classroom experience delivered through virtual reality education technology.

How Does a Virtual Reality Classroom Work?

When students enrol in a course delivered in virtual reality, they’ll be given an Oculus 2 VR headset (included in the course price) that will allow them to attend each class and lecture.


Virtual reality classroom lectures are run throughout various different times in the day which allows students to remain flexible with schedules and still be able to complete their course work.

Upon entering the virtual reality classroom through the VR headset, students will be able to see and interact with other students who are also attending the same class and the tutor. This is element combines the on-campus experience with the convenience of online learning.

Virtual Reality Classroom Experiences Available with Get Course

The course we are currently offering using virtual reality classroom technology is the Diploma of Business.

The course is:

  • 15 weeks in duration.
  • The first of its kind in Australia.
  • Nationally recognised across the entire country.
  • Available on payment plans starting from $21 per week.

If you are someone who has been wanting to advance your career for a while now and find it hard to learn with traditional online learning methods, or you just love new technology, this revolution in online learning could be the thing that helps you make that happen.

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