Top Seven Hidden Australian Growth Industries

With recent announcements of losses in Australian heavy industries, you might worry about steady employment. There are a few things to consider, and which will bring some alleviation to any doubts that you might have.

The first is that Australia has five very strong growth industries that will each experience at least three to four percent growth annually in the coming years. These include oil and gas; agribusiness; education; tourism; and wealth management.

Essentially, any skills you can develop or education you can obtain to qualify you for work within those five broad areas will be of significant value to you in the search for a job. However, you can “cut to the chase” and really refine your chances at a well paying and satisfying career by taking a closer look at the “hidden” Australian growth industries.

Identified as “secondary”, the following industries include skills that would blend smoothly into the leading and assured growth industries:

Software and servers – Whether you call it IT or something else, having skills with the maintenance and upkeep of the machines and systems that run almost every industry is going to be a wise investment of time and effort. You can align yourself within a firm or even position yourself as an independent consultant.

Science or technical consultancies – Take your expertise and help those in wealth management, agribusiness, or any other growth industry. Having management or business training is very useful.

Building services – A background in construction is useful, but so too would be management and technical expertise.

Supply – Can you draft spreadsheets and track supply chains, costs, efficiencies? This is useful in almost any part of the major growth industries. Business and finance degrees are perfect ways of acquiring such skills.

Finance – Accounting skills are invaluable, but simple business management or software expertise is going to provide an “in” for all of the major growth industries.

Those are seven different “hidden” growth areas in Australian industry. All of them are open to you when you have experience, training, and skills. Visit GetCourse to enhance your skills and prestige, and then get the job.

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