Top Online Music Courses to Study If You Love Music

So, you’re thinking about studying music! There are many careers in music and choosing the right one can be difficult. There’s the creative side of musical performance and songwriting, and the more technical side of music production.

Of course, learning the ropes is essential and we highly recommend you check out some of our courses below to get you started with learning Music Courses online.

Here’s a list of the top online courses to study if you love music.

Singing and Songwriting

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If you’re a vocalist or songwriter, you may be interested in pursuing these fields as a career. We offer two courses in singing and songwriting: a Certificate and an Advanced Certificate.

In the Certificate in Singing and Songwriting course you will learn through some of Australia’s best artists and managers. You will understand the fundamentals of the professional music industry, helping you fast track your career potential in the music industry.

The Advanced Certificate in Singing and Songwriting will teach you everything you need to know about establishing your own unique brand and sound. You’ll learn basic instrumental training, understand standard industry practices, and more, preparing you to advance your career in the music industry.

Music Theory

Understanding the theory behind music is a great path if you plan on teaching music or playing an instrument yourself, professionally. Music theory is the study of the fundamentals of music including how to read and write music and how it’s notated and organized.

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Music Technology and Audio Production

If you’re more creative in the technical sense, you can study music technology. Studying music technology and audio production provides you with critical skills through an in-depth understanding of audio hardware and software to a professional standard.

This includes recording techniques, audio production, music programming, music and media, and music event technologies.

Music Management and Production

Instead of being the creative talent, maybe you want to work in production and be behind the scenes in the music industry.

In music management and production, you’ll learn the business and marketing side of music including music production techniques and how to effectively manage artists.

There are so many careers in music to choose from. Take some time to explore your options. If you’re passionate about music and ready to take the next step in your music career, enquire with us today to see if we have the right course for you.

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