Top Online Courses in Australia Right Now

Whether you’re changing your career or just want to add a new skill set, short courses can always come in handy. They are available both online or in-class in Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutions, universities, or through a separate online education provider/registered training organisation.

There are plenty of short courses in Australia that will equip you with the needed skills to kickstart or boost your career. These short courses are great for securing a job or assisting you with further studies. 

Here are some of the top online courses in Australia right now:

Information Technology

The world of IT is rapidly expanding. Continuing education in IT enables you to apply new skills you’ve learned to any role. More education opens up a wider array of possible career paths within or outside of your current company. If you’re new to IT, a solid education helps you enter the IT field as a competent professional poised for success.

Courses we recommend:

Health Care and Social Assistance

According to the recent Australian Bureau of Statistics Labour Force Survey, this is the industry with the most resilient occupations. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, demand has been relatively consistent for the essential services provided by the Health Care and Social Assistance industry. Establishing the skills and knowledge related to health care and assistance may help you launch or maintain a stable career.

Courses we recommend:

Beauty Therapy

By studying a beauty therapy course, you can get the skills, experience, and qualifications you need to work in a beauty salon, day spa, or even your very own home-based business. You could even share your expertise on thriving social channels like YouTube. Some of the best Beauty Guru′s on YouTube are pulling 7 figures from making content.

Courses we recommend:


The demand for skilled and qualified counsellors is also on an all-time rise. This job is on the list of the top 20 most resilient occupations in Australia as presented in the National Skills Commission Occupational Resilience Framework. By studying counselling you will learn the multiple theories behind counselling and the best practices to apply them.

Courses we recommend: