Top 5 Careers for Online Gamers

The surge in popularity in online gaming has meant that there are new opportunities in the video game industry. If you’re a game enthusiast, why not turn your hobby into a lucrative and fulfilling career? There are many options for budding gamers. For those of you looking for professional experience, here are top five careers on the rise in the online gaming industry.

Game Programmer

This is one of the most highly skilled gaming jobs around. Programmers work to enhance characters and their animations, and it’s their job to bring the video game’s designs to life. Today’s gamers will also need a base knowledge of artificial intelligence, software development, and computer programming.

A typical salary for a game programmer position in Australia can range between $48,000 to $74,000, depending on the company and your experience. A high-level qualification in IT or programming is required. You can study certificate course online at Get Course. We have a range of software development courses to offer, along with different types of online IT qualifications.

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Video Game Artist

If you are passionate about gaming and drawing, then this could be a career for you. Video game artists rely on their unlimited imagination to create fantastic worlds for their characters. They work with the programmers and designers to build the entire fabric of the game.

Video game artists need to become familiar with using specific softwares including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, GIMP, Blender for 3D, and ZBrush. You can, therefore, combine your artistic abilities with the technical skills to create immersive worlds for players to lose themselves in.

According to the latest Australian Jobs Occupation Matrix, the field of graphic designs and illustrators, including video game artists, has been showing impressive growth and is predicted to continue to go well in the next few years. Salaries for video game artists are usually between $70,000 to $90,000. If you’re keeping sketches of your own dream online game, why not kickstart your career by preparing a certificate in Digital Media and Technology?

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Video Game Designer

Video game designers require the widest level of understanding of the online gaming world. Although you won’t need to be a programmer or an artist as such, you’ll need to have a decent amount of knowledge in these areas in order to come up with realistic game designs.

This career is suited to those who are creative and able to get others enthused about their ideas. You’ll need to be able to oversee a project and the different aspects of the job and how they come together. This is quite a specialist role, and game design involves increasing levels of complexity.

Your hard work will be rewarded however, with salaries ranging from $29,000 to $103,000. With Get Course you can study a certificate course online, and begin your career in game design. We offer several online Bachelor degrees and diplomas in Applied IT Technology.

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Professional Gamer

Yes, it’s possible to make a career out of playing video games! You have to be incredibly talented and spend many hours practicing. If you’re successful, you’ll have the opportunity to take part in international tournaments and travel around the world to compete.

Professional gamers are sponsored, much in the same way as athletes and this is how they make their earnings. It can be a short-lived career, but if online gaming is your passion and you’re good enough, then why not give it a go? Most professional gamers retire from competing and into working behind the scenes in programming and game design.

Game Animator

Game animators are responsible for putting together the frames and pictures that show a character’s movement. They rely on specialist softwares and attention to detail. Similar to game programming, animators also need to study software development courses and prepare a strong background in IT. At Get Course we offer a selection of options in software and IT.

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There are plenty of careers to choose from in the billion-dollar gaming industry. Whereas some are more technical, others are more creative but they all rely on building a wide knowledge of software and development.Good thing, there are online certificate courses in Australia available for those interested in pursuing these careers.

Software developers, computer programmers, software developers, and computer programmers implement game designers’ visions for their final products. Learning the ropes is essential if you are planning on starting a career in this field. We highly recommend you check out some of our software development courses to get you started with it.