Top 10 In-Demand Online Careers in Australia 2020

During this time of uncertainty, remote work has become a new trend that seems to come to stay.

  • Recent times have revealed that remote work is indeed possible with advances in technology.
  • More people are beginning to prefer flexibility over income.
  • The internet even makes working from home easier, and with about a third of Australians now working remotely, it seems there is a demand for that type of work.
  • There are some instrumental online certificate courses in Australia that can help you secure one of those jobs.

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Here are 10 of the top online careers in Australia as of 2020, as well as some of the online certificate courses, that you can start with us today to kick start your own career.

1. Online Sales

Now that most people are indoors, it is becoming apparent how much stuff they have that they don’t need. People are now selling a lot of items online as amateurs. But what about taking sales more seriously, earning a steady income and becoming a professional in online sales.

With courses such as Certificate in Sales, you can quickly learn the art of closing a sale, staying motivated, product design and branding, as well as maintaining great client relationships – all from the convenience of your own home. This course has a flexible payment plan of $25 per week if you cannot pay the full fee at once, making it much easier to study certificate courses online in sales.

The Online Associate Degree of Applied Business is another study that will be beneficial in this job. With this course, you can learn and pay later with HECS-HELP, which is a loan from the government and gain a wide range of opportunities in the business world.

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2. Virtual Assistant

Technology has also made it easier for admin work to be done out of an office and hence the emergence of virtual assistants. A virtual assistant is someone who provides all types of services, from scheduling meetings to managing events for most entrepreneurs and businesses.

Some skills relevant to this job include knowledge of administration and clerical duties, which can be acquired with a diploma. The demand for virtual assistants is pretty high because there isn’t a need for physical contact to get things done. You can have a stable source of income if you have the right qualification which you can find using Get Course. We have many options from a diploma in Applied Business to a Diploma of Business Administration which can all help you get into this career path and many others.

The Applied Business course allows you to pay with HECS-HELP after you have completed the course, which involves acquiring a loan from the government. With the Diploma of Business Administration, we have a $44 a week payment plan, to quickly get you on your way to learning those essential office management skills.

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3. Content Writer (Freelance)

A freelance writer creates content for most websites, blogs, and sometimes companies from writing reviews to blog posts. Most freelancers create their own hours, which allows them to fulfill other life responsibilities with a stable source of income. It is a relatively stable career to go into but still worthwhile.

Why not study our Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Certification Training, as it is a great place to start your online career as a freelance writer. With a flexible payment plan of $25 per week, you will qualify to become a highly-proficient SEO professional to become the best at getting traction for whomever you freelance.

4. Social Media Manager

With social media becoming the order of the day, more businesses are moving into that community. During this quarantine period, people are on their mobile devices now more than ever, because for some, there’s not much else to do. Being a social media marketing expert involves creating content with regards to the business, responding to clients’ inquiries via various social media platforms.

Social media has come to stay, and so this career path is sustainable. Take a look at some of our social media courses, including the Advanced Social Media Certification and the Certificate in Social Media. Both courses have a flexible payment plan of $25 per week for eight weeks online.

The Facebook Marketing Certificate gives a lot of insight into the wide variety of marketing strategies that this platform has to offer. With this course, you can pay $25 a week to start becoming well-versed on the different types of digital marketing campaigns.

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5. Transcriptionist

This is not the most popular online career, but it is useful for times like this. It is perfect for those who have fast fingers and want an online career for that skill. It involves converting audio into text and spans across a variety of professions.

6. Translator

With companies trying to reach a wider audience with their goods and services but sometimes hitting a language barrier, a translator comes in to get the message across more easily. This job has great growth potential, and so you can be assured of a regular source of income.

7. Graphic Designer

More businesses are looking for ways to stay relevant and graphic designers help with that. There’s also the issue of the re branding of websites etc. to get back customers’ attention.

Check out our Digital Media Courses list to start a career in the field. There is a stable growth in this job as graphics and digital design is always changing and progressing.

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8. Online Tutor

An online tutor is another career with strong job growth because the traditional ways of learning aren’t working as before. Online tutors help to teach people who want to learn new skills online. It has solid job growth, and you get to choose your work hours.

9. Software Developer

Most businesses are looking for ways to meet the needs of their customers remotely, and relevant software is in great demand. Having qualifications in software development puts you in a more likely position to be recruited for that purpose. This job is continuously developing with very serious growth potential.

10. Online Customer Service Representative

Online customer service involves resolving all kinds of customer queries and complaints online. You bring solutions to customer queries and for this, you need solid communication skill and in-depth knowledge of the product or service that is being provided.

Our customer service course list has the best online certificate courses that can get you started on becoming highly skilled in this arena.

It is always a good idea to adapt to changing work situations in order to survive in that working environment. There’s no reason why you can’t learn new skills to get into a new career.

Break into that new online career that you’ve always dreamed of. Times are changing fast, so be smart and make it your priority to study certificate courses online to facilitate the process of getting your professional life back on track. Make an enquiry right now.