The Importance of Cyber Security for Every Business

Data security is vital to businesses of any size, no matter how small. Most companies that experience data loss, causing a halt in business for more than ten days, are reported to suffer from bankruptcy within the year. In Australia alone, data breaches went up by 74% in 2019.

This has also led to an increase in careers in data security, and more opportunities to study cybersecurity online. Companies are more aware of the need for IT service providers and backup systems in order to help them manage their data. This means there’s more demand for data and security jobs including analysts, ethical hackers, and cloud security professionals.

What’s putting businesses at risk exactly?

There are several factors that could increase the likelihood of a cyber attack on any business. Often small businesses make the mistake in not investing in IT support because the business is thought to be too insignificant to be at risk. The absence of proper procedures for data storage leaves the company vulnerable to a data breach.

Without controlled access and authentication businesses are more likely to be attacked. A lack of adequate software as well could mean PCs aren’t compatible with the latest security updates. Hardware also needs to be regularly updated, as any failure could also increase the risk.

What’s the solution?

Advances in cybersecurity such as cloud storage and data analytics can provide businesses with a solution. Separate providers offer IT services and colocation hosting, to help businesses manage their data in a more secure and efficient way. Here are some examples.

  • Cloud storage
    Cloud storage providers give businesses secure access to the second copy of their data. The data is stored using encrypted disk-based backup archiving solutions, with 24h security in data centers. This way companies are guaranteed increased protection of their data.
  • Data Analytics
    Analysts use connections between different data to find trends. This can come from a wide range of areas such as geographical study, dates, and suspect financial occurrences. You can learn more about data analytics with our cybersecurity courses.
  • Disaster Recovery
    Cloud backup providers offer a disaster recovery plan to businesses. Measures are put in place in the event of a security breach including data encryption solutions, auditing, and consulting. Disaster recovery can streamline IT processes, and reduce the risk of human error, or hardware issues.

Big data jobs are now more important to businesses than ever. Regardless of the industry, cybersecurity is crucial for every business. This branch of IT requires continuous learning and strong analytical and technical skills which are also why cybersecurity professionals receive high wages globally. Learning the ropes is essential if you are planning on starting a career in this field and we highly recommend you check out some of our cybersecurity courses to get you started with it.

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