8 Weekend Part-Time Job Ideas For Extra Income

Whether you aren’t earning enough in your full-time job, or you just really want to use your spare time to earn more, this article is for you.

We’ve listed eight part-time job ideas that can help you become more productive while earning on your usual idle time, the weekends or the holidays. Their hourly rates, referenced from PayScale Australia and Indeed.com, are also indicated below.

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Ready? Let’s discuss them one by one.


1. Mystery Shopper

In case you’re not aware, some companies hire “mystery shoppers” to enter boutiques, restaurants, department stores, banks and the like on a random schedule.

They act as normal shoppers, asking for sizes, looking at the prices of the items, etc. However, their main purpose is to evaluate their store experience and give the report to the management. They do it by observing the payment process, the way the sales assistants treat the customers, the efficiency of the buying experience, and more.

Hourly Rate: AU$17.25 – AU$55.05

2. Photographer

Do you enjoy taking photos? If you do, why not make a career out of it? Upon acquiring a high-quality camera, you can start building your portfolio by conducting photo walks – regardless if your subject is a person, some food, your pet, etc.

After that, you can start telling the world that you’re available for hire as a photographer for events and print ad shoots. You can also try booking as a photographer for tourists in Australia, another good opportunity to work, unwind and build connections at the same time.

If you’re interested in becoming a photographer or you just want to enhance your skills, you can study online and learn the fundamentals of the craft by completing a Certificate in Photography. This course will also give you generous insights on advanced composition, photography styles, photojournalism and more.

Hourly Rate: AU$19.28 – AU$66.13

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3. Uber Driver

Being an Uber driver is a popular side gig for a reason. It allows you to make extra cash even after office hours by simply driving people near you to where they’re heading. Don’t worry, creating an Uber account is quick and easy. Aside from the driver’s license, the requirements to start working for the app are also not that much of a hassle.

The cherry on top is that Uber gives incentives to drivers who’ve hit certain requirements on a specific span of time (e.g. 20 trips per week = free department store gift cheques).

Hourly rate: AU$17.42 – AU$31.94

4. Makeup Artist

Another part-time job that you can start on your own is being a makeup artist. A strategic tip is to specialise your makeup on a specific niche. Whether you want to focus on weddings, high fashion photoshoots, celebrities, beauty pageants, etc.

If you only do casual makeup at the moment and want to get better, you can study the Certificate in Beauty Therapy and Makeup to enhance your skills affordably and quickly without it being a drama.

In this course, you’ll learn how to choose the right products, and adopt intermediate makeup techniques suitable for different events.

Hourly Rate: AU$17.38 – AU$35.89

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5. Freelance Content Writer

Have you come across Upwork or freelancer.com? You can find writing gigs on these websites posted by people and companies from different parts of the globe. Take note though that some clients ask writers to “bid” for their project. Meaning, you have to pitch them low fees for them to avail your service.

On the other hand, there are companies who pay writers a fixed rate but you have to prove to them that you’re worth hiring by sending your writing portfolio.

Rate: The amount you can earn as a Freelance Content Writer varies depending on the amount of projects you will accept and your desired amount per copy/article.

6. Fashion Stylist

Celebrities nowadays hire fashion stylists who can help them dress to impress. The same goes for fashion brands who hire fashion stylists to help their customers choose what type of clothing to pull-off.

Aside from providing fashion advice, fashion stylists also choose and coordinate the outfits, accessories, jewelry for models during a photo shoot. They also style actors for television or film.

If you have a passion for fashion and have the connections to make this as a part-time job, you can surely rock this role. Meanwhile, if you’re into fashion but want to make yourself more competent for the role, then you can study online and acquire a Certificate in Fashion Styling. This course will help you learn more about professional wardrobe styling, doing makeovers, business practices as a stylist and more.

Hourly Rate: AU$19.24 – AU$100

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7. Youtuber

Starting a YouTube channel is a bit challenging at first. But if you’ve got an ample supply of creative juices, this part-time role is for you.

This side job is good for someone who loves creating valuable and engaging content. Tip: Make sure to focus on a specific niche for branding purposes and to limit your competition. This way, you can attract partners and eventually earn a great amount using the platform.

If you’d like to upgrade your social media skills, searching online for tips and tricks is a great place to start. If you want to go the extra mile and really understand how social media platforms work, social media courses can also a give you a great advantage.

Rate: The amount you can earn as a Youtuber varies depending on the number of views per video, subscribers, sponsorship contracts, etc.

8. Dog Trainer

If you have that amazing charm with dogs, why not consider working as a freelance dog trainer on the side? A dog trainer is an “expert” in training dogs where to pee and poop. They also teach dogs basic tricks such as rolling over, smiling, doing a high-five, turning off the lights, and more.

The hourly rate of a dog trainer is quite lower than the other possible part-time jobs. But you can ask for a higher rate by making yourself extra qualified for the role.

For instance, you can take a dog training course to acquire a Certificate in Dog Training. Or you can also take videos of yourself training dogs and tracking their progress to attract more clients to avail your service.

Hourly Rate: AU$15.32 – AU$39.15

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These are just some part-time job ideas that you can consider to be more productive and earn extra cash over the weekend or even after office hours. If you want another list of this, let us know! We’d love to write more for you.

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in furthering your skills by studying any of the above occupations mentioned, feel free to send us an inquiry through the orange buttons above. Thanks for reading!