Movies & TV Shows That Showcase Lessons in Marketing

Most people are aware that reality often has to give way to creativity in movies and TV shows. With movies about superheroes, magical schools, and talking animals all being incredibly popular, it can often be hard to see what to learn from the content you consume. When it comes to marketing, there are countless excellent flicks that can teach you a thing or two about marketing courses, social media, digital marketing, and the like. Let’s dive into some of these shows and films, giving you everything you need to start learning from them.

Catch Me If You Can

“Catch Me If You Can” is based on the real story of a man who became one of the most prolific fraudsters in US history. By posing as various professionals in a range of roles, from being a pilot to a top surgeon, he was able to make a small fortune creating fake paychecks that could be cashed at banks across the country.

These crimes went on for years, but the secret of his success wasn’t the quality of his forgeries or the special routine he’d use to cash them; it was all about confidence. He knew that presenting himself as something he wasn’t could influence people and make them trust him. This can apply very well to the world of modern marketing, and learning to spread your influence is a big part of the marketing courses we offer at GetCourse.

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The Social Network

“The Social Network” movie follows the founding of the largest social media website in the world; Facebook. It can be all too easy to view the success of a company like this as pure luck, but this film serves to show that huge amounts of incredibly hard work went into creating this titanic website.

Making the right choices at the right times will be essential to the success of any business. Taking on Digital Marketing Associate Certification Training or Certificate in Social Media at GetCourse will enable you to build the skills to make the right choices in business marketing, giving you the skills to sell yourself in the digital world.

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Mad Men

“Mad Men” follows the story of a man who works as an advertising executive shortly after WWII. While the show largely revolves around complex character building, overarching storylines, and well-crafted dialogue, you can also learn a huge amount about real-world marketing from this movie. Many of the ad campaigns you see in the show are based on real examples of this sort of work, with companies like Heinz, being featured.

Watching “Mad Men” can give you a deep insight into the development of psychology in modern marketing, along with how the creative process can work for projects like this. Most careers in marketing aren’t quite as exciting as the ones you see in “Mad Men”, but it’s still worth taking a look at our marketing courses to see if there’s anything that might interest you. Sterling Cooper would have had a much easier time hiring new professionals if they’d had the chance to study marketing courses with Get Course.

The Pursuit of Happiness

“The Pursuit of Happiness” is widely regarded as one of the best real-life adaptations of all time. The story follows a man and his young son as he struggles to make a living selling bone density scanners to medical companies. Having made a huge investment in his products, he simply can’t afford to let them go unsold, but the products he’s selling aren’t as cost-effective as the tools his potential customers already have, even if they offer better results.

This means that he has to fight to show his customers exactly what makes his products special, and this is often one of the hardest battles a marketer can face. Getting people to accept a new product can be just about impossible when they already have something for the job. Nonetheless, our marketing courses can give you everything you need to use psychology to your advantage when you’re pursuing a career in marketing.

Films can be an excellent learning tool when done right, and it’s always worth using resources like this to improve your business. Watching these movies could give you the inspiration you need to start working on your own marketing skills, but you don’t have to do it on your own like many of the characters we’ve looked at; you have Get Course to help you. We encourage anyone who is interested in marketing to explore our courses and get in touch to see if we have something that could work for you.