Most In-Demand Blue-Collar Jobs in Australia

Australia is a nation thriving in a lot of ways, and people enjoy a good quality of life for the most part. Whether blue-collar or white-collar, Aussie workers make good money, and this has made Australia an attractive place to live. There is also a demand for important and necessary skills that play a role in helping improve everyday life as much as possible. Blue-collar jobs tend to fall into this category.

Whether they’re electricians, plumbers or construction workers, blue-collar workers are the backbone of modern Australia. Blue-collar jobs are focused on manual labour. Here are some of the most in-demand blue-collar jobs in Australia that have some decent salaries to work with.

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Manufacturing Down Under was once a huge market with plenty of thriving success, but the industry has dipped alarmingly in the past few years, and this has led to people crying out for manufacturing workers. In fact, according to Programmed, manufacturing has seen the steepest decline of all blue-collar jobs, with an employment share that has more than halved in the past three decades!

The industry is looking to stabilise, and as an industry that contributes north of A$100 billion to the economy, we shouldn’t take this for granted. Payscale tells us that jobs in manufacturing come with pretty attractive salaries; for instance, a mechanical engineer could expect a salary of just under A$70,000, while an operations manager would be looking at a cool A$93,553.

Assembly Line Worker

Of course, most manufacturing businesses are going to have a factory where they train workers and produce important products. This is something you have to look into as much as possible because there are a lot of possibilities here. One of the best blue-collar job examples, if we’re to get the manufacturing industry back on track, is an assembly line worker.

This is a good entry-level job that is in high demand across Australia, and it will bring you a perfectly great average salary of around A$45,000.

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As you might imagine, carpentry is a pretty niche skill, and there will always be a need for this role for as long as we have wood. Indeed, this is considered to be the number one hiring occupation in the construction industry.

If you are thinking of changing careers in the blue-collar sector, this is a fine choice. The average salary for a carpenter clocks in at around A$47,000, with an hourly rate of around A$20.00. The high demand for carpenters, as well as the skills required to do the role, makes it one of the more recession-proof career paths in Australia.


Another blue-collar job in high demand Down Under is that of an electrician. This career path requires you to get fully qualified before you are able to actually enjoy success. The role takes safety seriously, so you’ll need to prove that you are certified in advance.

An article from Business Tech in 2018 revealed how electricians and plumbers are much needed in Australia, and the sort of career path that would be ideal for those looking to emigrate. Electricians are believed to earn an average of around A$75.71 per hour.


Plumbing is another hugely important career profession in Australia and a job that is in high demand all across the country. In many ways, this is a simple case of supply and demand; think about how many different occasions call for a plumber, in personal and professional environments.

This is one of the best blue-collar job examples that is an absolute necessity all across Australia. And emigration sites such as Let’s Go Global have seen an 80% rise in plumbers moving to Australia, not least because the demand for this career means that some plumbers are enjoying an average salary of around A$54,000. You will need to make sure you are properly qualified for this career, and that means undergoing assessment by Trades Recognition Australia to make sure you are fully validated.


Mining still has a place in Australia, not least because there’s a wealth of natural resources available in the country to be mined and used. A report published on detailed the critical shortage that Australia has of new mining engineers.

Though this career pays as high as A$118,000 per year (according to Payscale), there is a distinct shortage of people looking to work in mining jobs across Australia. Sure, this could have something to do with the fact that this means working in remote areas, but that is also why the compensation generally tends to be higher.

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Truck Driver

Australia has lots of wide open space, and lots of products that need to be delivered, and this is why truck drivers are so important in the country. Indeed, trucking is one of the best ways of being able to spread business across Australia, and so many companies rely on this profession.

The more businesses that are founded, the more it increases the need to deliver products far and wide. This is something that has increased the demand for truck drivers, and this is a job where you can expect to earn a salary in the region of A$49,000 for a heavy truck driver.


These are just some of the best and most needed blue collar jobs in Australia, and demand for these careers is growing with every passing year.

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